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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Name - Yehn'ir Rabntah[/align] [align=center]Singer and Speaking Voice Below[/align] [align=center] [/align]
  2. Took a small commission While i wait for references for my last commission needed to buy a Fantasia
  3. I have provided all the information to my commissioners, and to save other from a long wait while I get real life back in control I will be closing this until I'm caught up and have moved to a new living arrangement.
  4. Thank you~! Going to try and work on this after a bit of small planning for two RP events before Harvey hits home and I'm stuck without Power!
  5. I apologize those waiting for Commissions from me!!! My RP group im contributor for has got me super busy the pass few weeks BUT SOON I SHALL BE FREE!!! Just have this weekend and I can slowly get back into the drawing mood especially since I'll be on hiatus from any form of RP be it starters, responses or head canons In fact what are words......
  6. Next Commission that should be on coloring phase but is on line art because I didn't like my lines
  7. Finished this morning - rolls off to work
  8. Hoping to finish this after work, possibly stream and start my Next commission Just wanted to bump this, been busy with contribution work for an RP group on DA
  9. Last sketch com for Lihli~! Thank you again for the commission
  10. Personal note - Never Farm Zurvan as a break from art, so much salt 1 more sketch to go - Thank you Lihli for Commissioning me~!
  11. Warm up doodle and clean sketch i did during the Live Letter yesterday. The above commissions will be re-sketched more cleanly to look more like this.
  12. concept doodles for Lihli's sketch commissions
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