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Howdy you sylph silly people... gasp!!!


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Just saying hey to those who actually know who I am. Saw a couple of names that i know. So I just picked up FFXIV after a long time being scared off by a evil beta, in hopes that the 2.0 and changes that are rolling out don't make me want to pull out my hair. Anyways... after i finish up the story questline with my punchies(yeah go figure i picked a punching class again) I just may pop on over to besaid and start a character to RP with you guys. That is if you crazy crystaline people want me T_T


Rathium, Bloodline to the core!

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Howdy Rathium! I almost sent you an email recently but decided not to since I figured you weren't interested in the game or anything :P.


The former Sylphites are mostly scattered around nowadays, sadly. Personally, I kinda wish we had all recreated Crystalline from the start now and regret not having done so. But what's done is done. My new in game name is Kylin Mavanix so hit me up if/when you make your way to Besaid! (This is Islude/Zarik by the way :P)


And welcome back! :vivi:

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lol depends on how when you were thinking about sending it... more than a week and a half ago prolly would have told you no. Unless of course you sent me a link telling me about all the cool stuff they plan to do to fix the game =p Yeah i figured that was you islude. yeah, i'm never going to remember that name... i'm still simple plain old Rathium Xanthos, lvl 10 MONK! err Pugilist can't be monk... YET!!!! BUWAHAHAHAHAH


Hiyas darkcat!

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