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This event is something I'm hoping becomes a holiday tradition amongst the RP community each year, even if I'm somehow not around to recreate it myself. The purpose is to bring us all together at such an important time of the year. ICly, everyone is free to create their own little ornaments with their name on it. You don't have to actually make a graphic representation OOC if you don't want to, but you most certainly can. You will then be able to hang up these ornaments at the designated place and time in a short, large, intimate ceremony. This is a good way to bring us all together, reinforce old bonds, and make new ones. There will be a short speech at the start of the event. Linkshell leaders will also have an opportunity to give their own IC speeches if they so wish to as well. We will then hang up ornaments and mingle for the remainder of the event, remember lost friends/family, remembering old bonds, and creating new ones.


Should linkshells wish to, they can do a "secret santa" sort of thing in having each member make an ornament for another of their fellow members prior to this public event.


Event currently scheduled for Friday, December 30th at 8pm EST. This is subject to change depending on feedback. I hope everyone has a chance to turn out at this crazy time of year! If not, someone is free to bring your ornament to hang up themselves. Also, we may need some volunteer mercenary groups to act as escorts. The place isnât far from Camp Dragonhead but it can be slightly dangerous (level 55ish mobs) for some. Comments and questions are welcome on this thread. ))

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*A very neat and pure white letter is adressed to Lady Elza, sealed with a red mark wich looks offly much like a little mage's hat.*


Dear Lady Elza,


I'd like to sign myself up for the escort duty. I will see to it that no incidents will come to those who want to attend this wondrous event.




Miunih Evans.

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