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Trying something new


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Greetings RPC I've decided to venture into something some what new for me, MMO RPing and by somewhat new I mean the combination is new. I've both played MMO's and Tabletop RPG's(dungeons and dragons and other similar games) for years, well over a decade for both. Up to this point I've always been leery about RPing with this medium and to be honest I still am but I've decided to give it a fair chance and see how it goes. My hope is to find a few friends to help guide me through this new experience.


Character:Erilon Devenon

Server: Besaid

Occupation: Fledgling Healer(Cnj-4)

Linkshell: none atm


No background yet, I need to read more of the history of eorzea and it's various regions.

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Welcome!! The best way to learn is by diving right in! If you have any questions or anything, please don't be afraid to ask. Everyone was new to RP at one time or another and we don't bite (except for those of us that do :lol: ). Hope to see you around Eorzea soon~

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