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Mass Posts Deletion

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Along with the user database purging, the next update will also purge the forums of tons of old threads/posts. This thread is specifically to discuss this process and/or suggest threads to be deleted.


Process-wise, I'm thinking of just allowing anyone to post links to threads in which they think serve no purpose whatsoever any longer. Should nobody disagree, the threads in question will either be deleted or archived (depending on the nature of the thread).


Please discuss!

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I think we should go the opposite route, and put in threads that we want tot keep. It's sure as hell more work for me to click through the threads which are not relevant/useful than it is the other way around.


EDIT: A start would be removing the closed/disbanded linkshells from the LS forum. I wouldn't delete these threads, but put them away just so that they don't clutter up the forum.

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Deleted some posts as part of the emergency maintenance. Mostly old stuff that was archived (such as posts of lore stuff that was already transferred to the wiki). Barely scratched the surface on this one yet though. Just wanted to announce this in case people are wondering why their post count may have mysteriously dropped.

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