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Hello all, I am introducing myself in hopes of making some great friends. As it turns out, I was out for two months & the billing came back. However when I went to reactivate my account I found that apparently the methods to do so are down effectively keeping me from playing the game, no matter how much it annoys me until it becomes able to perform properly again. Beyond that I am further aggravated because I made my character in the Kashuan Server first(which will be corrected whenever I can return to FFXIV) so all the experience I had before is now useless. If that doesnt put you off then please by all means befriend me. I dont necessarily have preferences & Id like to think that Im easy enough to get along with. Now on to the suggested stuff.


--MMORPG background: Given the questions below, I cant really tell what this one is referring to. If its asking if FFXIV is my first MMORPG then my answer is no.


--RP experience: I have a bit of experience. Im a bit different in that when I roleplay I do my best not to interfere with canon storyline while skillfully working my own alongside it. That said I also enjoy mixing stories with others. For example, I have no issues whatsoever fitting my character into anothers storyline, or inserting another into my own. I enjoy creating the story as I go along, not script it beforehand & act it out. This is done mostly because it feels more natural & fun in this manner. That said, I still do not mind planning an event beforehand. I simply do not like scripting every little thing that will happen during said event.


--Character ideas/info: Dante Abigor is can probably be best described as a wanderer in every way. He does whatever interests him, or whatever seems interesting at a moments notice. This often takes him to random places at any given time for reasons he cannot even clarify, or possibly even remember. This tends to get him branded "weird" or "stupid" but either doesnt notice or doesnt care. The only thing that he does seem to take seriously is his work, and if he has been given a job, he feels a strong obligation to complete it. As far as his origins/story Id prefer to share it with interested friends rather than make a giant wall of text, especially since some of it is still subject to change.


--How did you learn about the coalition? Good ol fashioned web surfing.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? I would prefer to stay in character as much as possible, as to prevent confusion. Also its much more fun this way to me.(I used to even make it so that when you log out there needed to be a rp explanation with friends just to test how creative we could be with our exits.


--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing? I have habit of making hideous dishes that taste delicious.


Its nice to meet all of you & I hope we can all get along well.


EDIT: My account is now active again. Aw...no one wants to play with me?

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