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It's so incredibly refreshing to see the up-turn the roleplay community has had recently. I think we can all agree that the state of the game did dwindle our numbers heavily, and things seemed spread rather thin (At least from the perspective of one who wasn't in any major shell at the time.).


But, with the success of the most recent OOC linkshell (third time's a charm, right? :>) it feels like things are really starting to get into swing again. Where I once rarely saw RP going on around town, I now see it on a regular basis. We can really only go up from here on out, too, as FFXIV continues to make leaps and bounds in improvements.


Now, with this emergence of spontaneous RP, I've also begun to notice quite a bit of talk about the lack of RP going on outside of town. Seems the Mineral Concern is the real hot spot right now, and many voices having made it clear that they wish more open-world RP went on - that is to say, more RP out in the wilds of Eorzea. It's easy enough to slap something together with close friends or linkshell mates - but randomly walking up to a stranger you just met in a bar and going "Hey, let's go explore X cave" can be difficult for certain characters.


So the idea hit me. What if we were to come together and make our own community-based Adventurer's Guild faction? (Such as the Broken Blades, or Azeyma's Shields.) Had special section of the RPC dedicated to this faction, where players could create and post their own guildleves. (I know some linkshells actually had a similar type of system in place. The idea of player created guildleves, that is. I think even the RPC may have even attempted this before?)


These leves could help branch adventurers out from the rather restricted official guild leves we have now. They could send players off into Mor Dhona to hunt some specific enemy, or deep into Coerthas to slay some bandits that have been harassing the locals. The potential for variety in the leves would be limitless. Anyone would be able to just claim a leve, and head off in-game to do it after recruiting a few allies to the cause.


It'd give people an excuse to grab a few of their fellow adventurers, no matter how well acquainted they are, and head out to explore Eorzea together.


Rough concept, but I figure some discussion is better than no discussion on these forums, right? What do you guys think?

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It sounds good, and youâre right, some linkshells including my own have been doing similar things. Iâve also used real leves as a placeholder for an RP plot, and I know TALE has done this as well.


That said the leves are actually sanctioned by the authorities of each city-state, as you probably know. It means that you are given leave to do X, Y, and Z which you usually could /not/ do, such as murder people, etc. One thing to watch out for are player created leves which allow characters to do things the city-states might not allow.


Iâm not sure the leves would benefit anyone other than pure freelancer RPers. Given an hour to create content, I know I would rather focus on making things for my own Linkshell rather than leves which my character wouldnât undertake ICâly, so I am unsure how I personally can contribute to this project. Furthermore I am not sure other LS leaders/members would create original content only for this.


Given that there is plenty of original player-created content already out there, I wont speak for other players, but if you want to grab what Iâve done for the Everwatch and make it available/known to others in this server-wide player-created âleveâ pool, have at it. I donât mind sharing at all.

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Yeah, that's perfectly understandable. I personally would be happy to throw together a handful of leves every couple days, depending on how popular the concept would be. Do some research, find some decent locales and possible objectives and the like. It would benefit freelancer roleplayers more, as you mentioned, but it might help freelance to linkshell relations as well.


Wouldn't ever expect it to be something heavily participated in, but I think it might be nice to just have the option available. Give people a goal they wouldn't have to think up themselves, which can be helpful some times. I know on some occasions I'd like to have something to RP without having to think up a plot or anything to run with beforehand.


I figure having the option there would be better than not having it there at all, even if it's use was minimal. As I mentioned earlier, I'd be more than happy to throw together leves when needed. I know I'd do my best to put them to use.


Just an idea to the chopping block, though. The more suggestions and opinions, the better.

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