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Site Renewal

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It'll soon be time to renew the site for both web space and domain name. This is an annual fee and we depend on the members to keep this site funded. This post will be updated within 24 hours of receiving any donations.


For your reference, the web space costs a total of $83.40 for another year of renewal.

The domain name, ffxiv-roleplayers, costs $35.00 for renewal.

In total, we require $118.40 to renew the RPC for another year.


At present, we are 100% toward that goal.


To donate, please navigate to the home page of the RPC and utilize the PayPal donation box in the right sidebar.


Thank you for your continued support of this community!


[glow=red]EDIT: Donation goal met thanks to a generous anonymous donor! Thank you very much![/glow]

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