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Zetsumei "The Sandstorm" Tsunarashi


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Greetings RP community!


I remember the RPC from back when you guys first decided Besaid would be the RP server. Since then I'd long forgotten the address to this website. Thanks to the server merge chaos, I was able to find a link here again. And the timing couldn't be better!


Lately I've been craving some RP action but as there aren't really any RPers on my server, it's been something hard to come by. I pretty much have to hope that one of the reporter GMs will show up so I can RP a little, lol.


Anyways I just wanted to stop in here and say hello, as I'll likely be participating in some of the RP going on in these forums in the future. I'm really hopeful that with the server merges I'll get to join the RP community in-game as well, but as I'm dedicated to following the path of my current LS, I can't say that it's a sure bet. I'm petitioning the LS leaders to try and consider following the RP community to server9, but we'll see what happens.


Also with the latest yosh-p post suggesting they may change the process of the server merge to plan2, I'd have to hope that Lindblum and Besaid get merged together. As they are both fairly large servers I doubt this would happen.


In any case, at least with this website I can fulfill my RP urges a little bit, whether our servers end up being the same or not.


And with that I say, Nice to meet you all! and hope to see you in the forums soon!


-Zetsumei Tsunarashi

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It's a pleasure to have you, regardless of whether or not you actually are on the main server. After all, this is a hub for all FFXIV roleplayers, not just those on the "main" server. Depending on what really ends up going down with the server merger, maybe one day you'll see fit to make your way over to us.


If not? Well, I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to participate in some forum-based RP, like in the pre-release days on these forums.

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