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Lets get together and RP.

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OOC post.


As the title says, a completely random event with no purpose what-so-ever, besides the purpose of rp.

Yep, that's it, just rp. Why? Because we are RP-ers and we like to RP. Could be a restaurant, the Limsa docks, Bumming around the Gold Court, getting drunk it the Mineral Concern, who cares what it is, get a reason to rp and rp!


Event starts at 4pm EST on saturday 18th and ends whenever it ends.


I'll announce in the OOC shell where it will be held.



What to bring:


Gil for drinks.

Mindset of meeting new stranger is fun!




See you there!

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I regret I will not be able to attend as we'll be out of town for the weekend, but I hope that everyone has a wonderful time and that more of these kinds of posts spring up.


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Don't you think it's a little early to say it's cancelled? Maybe some people are coming late or didn't want to RSVP.


Or maybe some people (like me) are unable to attend whether they wanted to or not. :\


Either way it's a bit pessimistic to just cancel like that.

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So... the first RP event in yonks would've started at a convenient time is cancelled because people didn't..?


I don't like to sound.. um.. bad or whatever word's better but.. oh well it's too late now. I guess I missed the announcing it with all this faffing about with the plumbers and caravans..



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OK! Just to close the subject with no more bad feelings :D


There was noise on the communication. Interest was expected to be declared in this thread or so, it wasn't, by me also (I didn't expect that D: and was lazy yea xD). So, I actually fell asleep around 5pm here which was still ways off the time for the event and people were figuring out if they wanted to try it anyway or not.. I don't know the outcome, but yea...


:D be chillin~

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