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Mavanix Academy Orientation


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Plastered around the city of Ul'dah is the following flier.




OOC translation:

[spoil]The Mavanix Academy of Ul'dah hereby invites adventurers and scholars of all types to partake in one of its many public orientations.


Learn first-hand the history and academic strengths of one of Ul'dah's long-standing acadamies, founded nearly 160 years past by Lord Darian Mavanix of Avalon and House Mavanix. The Academy will also give information related to potential enrollment in its myriad of classes for the upcoming new academic year.


Come one and all, whether an interested scholar looking to learn or a curious adventurer looking to pass the time!


Orientation begins promptly on the 25th sun at the 20th bell at the Academy tower entrance in Ul'dah (forgot to add this snippet in the image, please assume it's there ><).


::In fine print at the bottom of the parchment::


Orientation is free only to Avalon members. All non-members will be required to pay a fee of 1,200 gil to partake in the event.[/spoil]


((This will begin the public Archavalon storyline! Starts at 8pm EST on Saturday, the 25th. Mentioned 'fee' is purely IC and you will not have to pay OOCly. This, and future events in this plot, are not typical socializing events. They are story driven, though there will of course be opportunities to socialize before and after the event should people wish. Please avoid "fashionably late arrivals" as such arrivals will likely be locked out of the event due to IC happenings and whatnot. So please arrive early. For the purposes of this event, we will be pretending that the 2nd level of Ul'dah is an instanced area (the Academy). It will ICly be one of the many towers located around Ul'dah. So just hangout by the elevator prior to the event. Assume that there's a secretary inside that won't allow anyone to progress beyond a certain point prior to the event start. Hope to see many there! If any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.))

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((Bump to remind those interested that this is later today! To answer the above question, level will not matter at all for this first event since it is mostly meant to just ease people into everything. The second event will largely be similar in that level won't matter. Events #3 and 4, however, will require actual battles. More info will come on that when we reach that point.


In addition to the live events throughout this story, I'll also be posting up stories that go along with everything. Most of it is behind-the-scenes things that may/may not become public knowledge. The story posts are mostly meant to fill in blanks, while leaving certain other blanks open to individual interpretation. The first post of Avalon's Academy profile is now up here: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/avalon/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=116


Hope to see lots of people later tonight! Remember, this is not a typical social event. It, and those that follow, are story driven. As such, it may not be /everyone's/ up of tea, which is perfectly fine.))

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Thanks to all for attending! By the end of this first story arch, your minds may need much mending :P. All the rhymes may drive you mad. Soon, it'll be the new fad!


The excavation event will be more hands on. I'm aiming to have it Sunday (the 3rd), though this may change depending on what other shells may be up to schedule wise. It'll be more interactive for sure and will allow for small groups and whatnot, along with a lot of freedom for individual stories to blossom if needed. And by the end of the event, the real action will begin!

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