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Hello there. Used to play FFXI and just recently bought FFXIV. I've been concerned about the state of roleplay on FFXIV until I found this community. Although I am new I plan on getting into gear and starting my interaction with people immediately.


25, from Minnesota. Besaid is the server I should join, right?

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Yup! We're going strong over here on Besaid. Plenty of active RP shells, as well as an OOC linkshell that's some 70 active members strong. The community itself is much larger, and has been growing with each and every patch. While things might seem a little slow around here these days, trust me when I say that isn't the case in-game.


Plenty of information about the game itself here on the forums. Everything from lore to gameplay. So go ahead and dig in, browse, post, whatever. Hope to see you in game!


Also, yay Minnesotan! Not enough of us around.

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