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Uh... hi, I guess *timid blush*


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Um... forgive me if this post seems a little... full of ellipses and hesitation. I am rather shy, and I end up writing it into my text...


So, um... My name is Ricky, a.k.a Riik and I'm a university student in the UK studying physics. My character name is Riku Toiiku, a Lalafell, and... I guess I should start with the fact that I really enjoy roleplaying, despite being quite shy and find it hard to communicate with others on MMOs. But through roleplay I find I can easier to get to like someone (plus it's much more fun than a normal social meeting). I'm rather new to FFXIV. I never played XI and just started this game this weekend. I actually found this site before I started playing and it was seeing that there are roleplayers on here that finally made me decide to get the game. I am a huge Final Fantasy fan, btw.


I think someone aught to be told that I havn't actually had a proper conversation with anyone on the game yet. The most that happened to me thus far was that I was offered company by someone late last night, but I was rather tired and it was about 2am UK time so I had to decline. However, At one point, I was healed by a passerby, who upon being thanked, replied with what appeared to be a blatant IC responce before he carried on his journey, so... does that technically mean I've beein involved in a casual roleplay moment? xD (rhetorical question, btw)


So um... the point of the last paragraph is I still havn't gotten to grips with the social system on the game, and thus have no idea whatsoever about how to join a linkshell. However, I am incredibly interested in the OOC linkshell, because it seems like a good way to know who will roleplay (So I don't freak out non-RPers by shouting at shopkeepers in front of them to try to get their attention, as I'm too shy to directly initiate conversation) and also a good way to bring roleplayers to me (perhaps).


Despite it seemingly unlikely given my disposition, I have played MMOs before - well... one MMO, anyway. Mabinogi. However, I started my online gaming on the sci-fi game Freelancer, where I got my first taste of roleplaying (although most of the roleplaying on the servers I went on was meta-gamed) before moving on to Neverwinter Nights 2, which being Dungeons and Dragons, was ful of pure roleplaying servers, witihn which I had some great fun (getting spammed enemies at by DMs, trying to make my own huge plotlines and getting a few other players interested in them, speaking Draconic with an Orc... those were some good times).


Sorry, I do tend to ramble a little... partly perhaps due to poor social skills, partly because my mind is always on overdrive most of the time.


So... what kind of roleplayer am I? Anything from casual to heavy, I guess. I just sort of... go with the flow. I Think of it as if it is real life (except most of Britain is so anti-social in real life, it's far less eventful than online roleplaying). if I end up in heavy roleplaying, then I'll end up in heavy roleplaying, I guess. I don't think i can predict where I'm going to end up.


All that aside... I'm glad to meet you all and get involved. If anyone sees my character in-game I would love a bit of roleplay (and perhaps an invite into that OOC linkshell too >.< ). Please be somewhat patient with me and don't go moving on right away if I seem to be slow to reply in-game, because I usually panic when someone talks to me, and my hands start to shake and it takes me a while to type something in those conditions.


Thank you for putting up with my lengthy introduction, and again, hello! >.<


EDIT: Fixed typing errors and rushed grammar

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Thanks for the welcome! ^^


And remember that if anyone gets bored and notices me emoting to myself, petting Marmots (I do that alot) or just walking around randomly - as long as I'm not running (which I only really do when I'm busy) or fighting, I'm 100% open to any roleplay, be it a casual 'good day, how are you?' or otherwise. In fact I welcome it, sometimes quite desperately! And if you see me playing around Acorn Orchard, then you just KNOW I'm bored! xD


Also, if anyone knows any good gathering spots I can chack out to see who's also waiting around for some RP, I'd be glad to know!

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Ul'dah is the RP hotspot. Usually you can find people there doing SOMETHING, or up for most anything. If you get really bored, you can always go to the Mineral Concern, that's a good hangout. Also, there's usually some RPers hanging out on the big steps by Ruby Road Exchange. Most of us won't bite, and we'd be happy to RP with you when we're IC. Give me a shout in game if you're ever interested in hanging out. I'm sure Aly and Kass would just LOVE to have another adorable lala around...they've been lonely lately in the Corvus Cinis HQ, so it doesn't take much to get them interested in talking. :)

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Thanks for the advice :). Now I just need to think up of a reason to visit Ul'dah IC... still, I suppose that gives me a great reason to seek out other characters to talk to - arriving for the first time, needing directions, getting lost etc

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A good IC reason for visiting would be to check out one of the guilds there...or even to visit the temples of Nald and Thal. Maybe you've heard about the beauty of the Sultana and want to get a glimpse of her. Perhaps you're seeking something from the Alchemist's guild, or need to buy new clothes and have heard there's nothing as nice as something made by the weavers' guild. There's plenty of reasons if you look for it! (Come to Ul'dah...join the dark side...we have cookies!)

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Cookies....? Ooooh, that's gunna be hard to resist! I'll think of something before I eventually log on. Material intrerests and sight-seeing mean little to my character, although he does like exploring new places... I think the most likely thing would be getting on the wrong airship (both me and my character are likely to make such a mistake.. I have boarded the wrong bus many many times, although in the case of the airship, the conductor would have to be lazy, sloppy or just tired to not notice the ticket is wrong, but such a thing is quite possible, I guess, given how often I've seen people get onto buses with out-of-date tickets even though the date is in huge bold letters), and then to decide to take a look around whilst waiting for the next airship back and as a result get lost.

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