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Campfire Stories [4/7]


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[glow=orange]Campfire Stories[/glow]

Saturday, April 7th @ 7:30pm EDT (until whenever)

(Different Time Zone?)


Gridanian authorities have granted permission for us to have a contained bonfire upon the stage of Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre. On the 7th sun of the Second Umbral moon at half past the 7th bell after mid-day, I would like to extend an invitation to anyone from any nation with a story of their own to share, or a yearning to listen to others share their own tales - be they factual or fiction, comedy or tragedy, stories of heroic deeds of your own, or maybe a friend or loved one. We will gather in a circle around the fire and share in these retellings. Food and beverage will be provided for those hungry and thirsty. Who knows - maybe you will walk away from the experience with newfound appreciation, a few new friends, or at the very least a full belly.


A few simple ground rules I would ask everyone to adhere to:


  • Please be respectful of the current storyteller.
  • Please feel free to come and go as you must, as the event may span several bells, but in doing so please be sure to adhere to the above rule.
  • If sharing your own story, please keep it relatively brief to allow time for others to share as well.
  • A queue will be established to determine storytelling order for those interested in sharing.
  • If there are stories left untold after the bonfire begins to die down, a petition to Gridania for another event will be made, and I will see to it that those who did not have a chance to tell their tales the first time are given priority to speak at this.


If there are any questions, or anyone wishes to help with the smooth organization of this event (as provisioning food and beverage or acting as an usher), please contact Miss Eva Ianeira. Correspondance may be directed to the headquarters of the Twin Adder in Gridania ((or just PM me ^^ )).


I hope to see many faces and hear some wonderful stories!


Warm regards,

~Eva Ianeira, hostess



((The above is in the format of a simple flyer that appears in the taverns and places of interest in all city-states. Questions or comments can be posted here or PM'd to me. This isn't affiliated with any particular linkshell/company, and everyone from any RP group is invited to come and participate so long as they're respectful. This is meant to be lighthearted fun and not an outlet for character drama (unless that's the story you're telling). I'll try to make a little more buzz about this one than I did with the Valentione's event. Please help me by sharing this with your linkshell friends that may not frequent the RPC. Thank you! ;) ))

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  • 2 weeks later...

(( I just wanted to give this announcement a friendly bump. While still a week and a half off, I'd like to kind of get a feel for how many people going will be planning on sharing stories at this event. If you don't want to post to the thread, please send me a PM. I'll still conduct a system of randomly choosing the next storyteller if it seems like there are going to be a lot, but I may also give some preference to those able to give me a bit of a head's up. So what I may wind up doing is choose randomly between everyone announcing themselves as a storyteller prior to the event first, then once they've all shared if anyone else present wants to tell a story, we can either go first-come-first-serve or set up a random system for that as well. This will of course all be conducted OOC and behind the scenes.


Also since I have been asked - while /say and /emotes should be limited during the course of the storytellings as to be respectful to the person telling them, I would encourage everyone that attends to feel welcome to RP together in /party - perhaps as hushed whispers amongst small groups huddled around the bonfire.


Also if there are any questions or anything please feel free to post here, send me a PM, or an in-game /tell to Eva Ianeira. Thanks! ))

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(( Friendly bumpity-bump since this is coming up this weekend. I haven't heard too much feedback. There's still time to prepare a short story, some poetry, or anything else you wish to share this weekend by the firelight - funny, dramatic, epic. I hope to see everyone there. And I hope there are a lot of good storytellers. I'm looking forward to it. :love: ))

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(( Thanks to everyone who showed up! We had a bit of a slow start, and the Garleans picked an [/airquotes] "awesome" night to decide to attack... but in the end there were quite a few RPers out there sharing stories with each other, and we were out there for about three hours or so altogether! I think we heard about a dozen stories altogether ranging from the whimsical to the somber to the inspiring, and even one rather bizarre poem~


I was thinking about doing this as something of a seasonal event, so keep your eyes and ears peeled a few moons from now for another, and start getting those stories ready to share in the meantime!


Here's a screenshot from the event. I'm usually pretty good about taking off /names for these but it looks like I forgot:




Thanks again to everyone who came out or who helped spread the word for making it such a great time!! :cheer: ))

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