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Taking a step back.

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I am well aware that most of you will either see who started this and disregard it, or get midway through do the old "tl;dr" and just chime out, so i'll make this as brief as possible. the events of the past few days in game, and the events of the past couple of months within my former LS...have made me..well, sick, saddend, frankly embarrassed, and mostly..disappointed...and all of these things are not directed towards anyone but myself.


Maybe if i tempered my passions with more patience, maybe if i tried to council about moving past differences instead of commiserating and egging on the back and forths between people, i wouldn't have a "former" linkshell. Navei, Sasha, and the members of Nebulous who didn't engage in such behavior, do not deserve to be saddled with whatever bad opinions that may occur from all of what has transpired, and i, even though this may be just a hollow sounding apology, i for what my part may have been am sorry.


If i have caused any uncomfortable feelings, or any outright anger...whatever..i truly am sorry. that being said, i have decided to...maybe walk away from RP and the game for a while...honestly right now...my heart isn't into it. frankly, it hasn't been for a while, and whatever reasons i may feel about rp that lead me to ...act in such fashion i won't really go into...there's really no excuse for my behavior, so i will not try to make any.


I feel as if i let myself and my linkmates, people who do/did like or have a passing liking to me, mostly the community as whole down. looking back, i know there were times, i should have taken the high road, or tried to be just...better than my actions, but that's niether here nor there now.


So..with all that said, goodbye for now...i'm not quitting FFXIV, so you'll still see me probably in game...but maybe not anytime soon i'm just not going to log in for a bit...let cooler heads prevail. and if i do decide to RP again...i hope...i still have a community that will welcome me back.


Like i said in the begining, most of you probably will not even make it to the end of this...or won't care...but if at least one of you reads and responds...then..well i at least know somebody might miss having me around. ;)

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I'm probably off-base in this response because I truly have no idea what happened with that linkshell or how or why it escalated to such a point. But from the view of a third party who has been fortunate (and I mean that in earnest) enough to have the opportunity to RP with you, I do feel that this is very much a loss for the RP community as a whole.


But I also understand the need to step back sometimes and see things from a clearer perspective. You have to play the game to enjoy it, and if you're not having fun or enjoying your time spent here, it begs that obvious question. I will say (maybe selfishly so) that I hope that this is a temporary break and that I hope you return to the RP scene at a later time.


If you ever want to talk IC or OOC hit me up. You and Aysun have been on my Social List ever since that bandage changing RP in Gridania that night. ((and omg is there really a drake in that basement????))

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I honestly have no idea what happened either, but taking a step back and looking at things from a different perspective is a good plan, no need to beat yourself up over it. Besides doesn't Deirdre stab you enough as it is?


Honestly Galv you and I have been here since nearly the beginning and we've seen a lot of things happen and watched people come and go and come back again. If it's your turn to on walkabout then go for it, we'll still be here when you wander back again.


If anything you can do what I do with Shurin and exit the main stage, come back later as an independent unaligned guest star with no organizational allegiance, just loyalty to the friends who know and trust you.


Just let me know where you're keeping that last stash of firewhiskey.

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You know Elriche cares :(


I hope you do decide to RP again... this whole thing has had me just feeling stupidly lost and if I didn't love RP so much and kept hoping for it every waking second, I would just have quit.. so you better come back and have RP funtimes, cause I sure was looking forward to doing what we had talked about. If Rea or Lyriah hadn't said anything about a RPC post aout you taking a break I wouldn't have known since I never even look here.


I really hope you come back, cause you sure did mean a lot to me :( and I wish none of this whole baby OOC crap had ahppened. If people were IC more, then there would be no place for OOC digression, which is why unless I was bored I never bother with Incandescent, and never joined the big OOC shell.


I cannot say I wasn't waiting for this since this shell was all you had and worked so hard for all of us with tanking and everything else... but all I can even do myself is just kick my own behind into just going forward in any way regardless.


Hope we can have IC funtimes again, with sparring and all that ;_; I miss you.


Meanwhile, byebyes ._.

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