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Dancers Wanted


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A notice tacked up in the Mineral Concern:


Dancers Wanted


I am looking to hire a pair of dancers - preferably one man and one woman - for a bachelorette party tomorrow evening (the 22nd) off the premises. You will be well-compensated for your time. Please speak with the management for my contact information. Thank you!



[spoil](( This is pretty much what it sounds like it is. A small group of ladies are getting together to celebrate Nel's marriage this weekend. I thought to use NPC's for the dancers/strippers, but I thought it would be fun to engage the RP community to see if anyone wanted to participate in this. I know there are a few that work for the Concern out there, or perhaps some who might find this a fun way to earn a little extra gil. While perhaps a bit mature in nature, this event should be RPed tastefully - so let's keep it classy hmm? It will be held privately off-site, but we'll probably all teleport to Ul'dah and go to the Concern afterwards if anyone from the general RP community wants to join in tomorrow night. PM me if at all interested, or send me a /tell this evening - Eva Ianeira - first come first serve with this so once the spots are filled that's it. ))[/spoil]

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