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Beautiful people

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Hello all you beautiful people.


I am a quite old player of this delicious looking game. But because I kinda mistook my current PC for being able to run the game (Which it was not) then I had to put the game on the shelf, because it was way too laggy for me to enjoy. I have recently ordered a new PC though, which is assumed to be here at my home during this or next week. So when I get the new PC, then I will hopefully return to the game next month, and be a part of the beautiful little roleplay community which you have set up.


I know my questions will probably be spread out in different threads, but I think it is easier to ask people in this single thread, while also saying hello! :D


If my memory serves me right, then there was no server tagged for roleplay, so my first question is; which server is tagged the unofficial roleplay server?


I would also like to know about places to find roleplayers, guilds I should consider joining and guilds I should beware of.


I think that was all! Thank you in advance.

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Arh yes, they were called linkshells in XIV.


Too much World of Warcraft this whole year of saving up for a new PC :P


Well, thank you very much, I will try to remember it as I return to the game, I need to find my collectors edition items again.

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