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  1. Last winter I had a spree of shitty days. On the way to work one morning my car slid on the ice, went off the road, smashed through a fence and into a tree so the next day I had to get a new car. Well I bought my brother's old car (he's a marine in Japan and has little use for it) and he failed to mention to me his gas meter wasn't working. So the next day on the way back from work I ran out of gas just outside of work. It was like -10 that week as a high. I got lucky because one of the guys I worked with traveled down the same road and helped me get gas, but still in Colorado at winter I had
  2. As someone who stalks Bear ICly for RP reasons, thank you for Rping War Bear as awesomely as you do!
  3. This is a common joke I make in my FC's chat. "Hey Rae, why don't you find female Roe's attractive?" "They're too tall and literally every female Roe has a penis, if you don't believe me spend two weeks in the Quicksand, you'll find all four of them, they'll all either be Dark Knights or Marauders, and all of them will be shemales, futas, or mistresses. Any others you find aren't roleplaying with you." Obviously a huge generalization on my part, and this might be because other people have noted their lore is lacking, but you don't see a lot of variety in Roes. Maybe its not so
  4. I don't see why not. Morality is subjective, if you have bad morals you can be a bad person.
  5. Its hard man. I feel your pain I'm on PS4, got a new PC a few months ago that could actually play the game (my old PC was archaic). I'd rather play on PC, but since I have it on PS4 its actually cheaper to just buy a new mouse and keeping using my PS4 over my PC. Besides then I don't have to alt-tab to watch youtube while waiting for my more detailed paragraph posters to type.
  6. I realize you're pointing this out as a matter of pride, and that's why you don't sound like a fun person to play with. You realize you pointing that out makes it very easy to say what you read here has nothing to do with IC right? Doesn't matter what I sound like here, I've got plenty of RP partners in game who disagree and RP with me every night. Not gonna lose sleep over the occassional person who has an issue with things I do because someone always will.
  7. There is no problem, just making sure. Then I figure everything is cool. The impression I was getting was you were concerned of leaving someone out or being unable to coordinate the two players together so that everyone is happy. Which is a legitimate concern for any considerate player and not at all an issue of bleed without some pretty severe stretches of the imagination, in my opinion. I wouldn't say the situations I had in mind were due to bleed but just bad communication and some people being stubborn. Not everyone is as reasonable as everyone here and if you do end up b
  8. I say this as a roleplayer who's made the mistake before a few times, so believe me, I'm not getting judgmental. Someone had to teach me this stuff, too. And, again, like I said, it's sometimes difficult to spot because so much can be hidden in the IC interactions. But man do you not want this kind of thing to blow up in your face. I've been on hand for quite a few spectacular RP meltdowns when someone's OOC plans, OOC feelings, and OOC issues suddenly exploded and took a chunk of the block with them. I don't know how bad the ones you've seen so far have been, but believe me when
  9. I know it's not something that you'd probably want to deal with, but seriously, if this is a question, there is a problem somewhere. Honestly, if there wasn't an OOC problem, this isn't something that needs discussed. If your character has a whiskey every time he walks into a bar, you don't need to deal with the OOC merits of whether or not you should get a whiskey. Be very, very careful. I don't pretend to know the details of what's going on (frankly, I'm on Gilgamesh because I worry a lot about bleed), but from the very first post, that's been what I'm trying to hint at. You don
  10. What does it have to do with the other people? It's what your character does that matters. If it leads you away from your old RP partner and you want to continue, you can try to make an alt. But characters have to do what characters have to do. I feel this is insufficient as the character isn't a person and thus does not have a will of their own. It's perfectly fine to plan things out if you want to make a plot. Improvisation will only take you so far. As a group writing project, this plot thread failed because the participants did not have meshing styles, had opposing goals, did not
  11. Well this is an interesting point because I think a significant number of people feel this way, but let me ask you this: You've got an RPer you've shared months of in character development with. You decide to bring in a new character who's RP would make your old RP difficult. You two talk for a monthish, then start your new RP with your new RPer that affects your original RPer. About a week in the first guy comes back to you and says, "Well hey, this really effects my plot too, I understand its your characters but I should have been consulted. Even so I want to remain IC and avoid drama s
  12. I 100% Agree ^.^ That was the point of this thread, I wanted to see what factors people weigh when making these decisions. I know I feel bad for the middleman in this situation, but ultimately I personally believe the best thing to do is give the bomb to the older RPer. If when deciding a new plotline you did something to damage someone else's who you worked with very closely because you didn't consider how changing your interactions/plot/story with them would affect them and when they still want to be apart of things if the newer RPer isn't willing to have some leeway or be willing to n
  13. I'm kind of a dick when it comes to hunting people down. I don't necessarily kill leads, but my character isn't above pain and intimidation to get what he wants. If I catch the person I can only do what I've been told to do ICly. Its nothing personal, they can take it up with the bounty dude OOCly and he can get back to me. I assume its the same for others, if not I'll find out soon. I hired like 6 assassins to kill someone in the roses FC this weekend. Dude's a whore, not sure how he's going to handle someone actively trying to ruin his life and slander his reputation. (Forgot to note I
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