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The Order of Stormguard

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Order of the Stormguard

Basic Info



   Website: http://orderofthestormguard.enjin.com/home

   Server: Balmung

   RP Type: Heavy. 75% of shell chat and content is IC.

   Leaders: Seraphine Cerius

   Recruitment: Open

   RP Element: Secret society that protects specific secrets and artifacts. On the surface, outsiders view it simply as a mercenary group.

   Info Thread: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=2826



It began with disaster. Or so the legend says.


A secret society older than any single person would ever want to be. For hundreds of years the Order held tight to brotherhood and sisterhood, along with secrets that would be taken to every member's grave.


Perhaps it was by the will of Rhalgr that calamity eventually struck the secretive society. Was it a dispute between warring factions that caused the group to crumble from within? Or was it a poisonous member who purposely injected venom into the guild? Regardless, all three of its legions fell and operations ceased.


That is, until recently. The surviving members, low-ranking and high-ranking alike, would be gathered under a new leader to reform. Employing adventurers, crafters, and scholars, the Order of the Stormguard was reborn anew.


Little is known about the members of this order, for their ways have always been cloaked in secrecy and ritual. They are known and recognized, both amongst themselves and to the knowledgeable, by the tattoo branded on them. But the secrecy of their actual existence was of no concern to them. Only the secrets they guarded were protected with every fiber of their being, like a lioness guarding a cub. Despite rumors of dark pacts and ancient blasphemies, the Order stood tall against all external threats, civil and religious. Its greatest vulnerability was itself.


What secrets have they spent so many centuries guarding? A powerful artifact? Sacred text? Or something else entirely? And what brought about their previous downfall and rebirth? Many have sought these answers. No sane tale survives, and no current member of the Order has deigned to answer.


As a great man once said, "Seeing is reality. Remembering is the illusion." Only those who saw events unfold themselves can ever tell the true reality of things. But for those of us unable to see, we shall create an illusion to sate our appetite. Let us attempt to uncover the secrets of the Order of the Stormguard.


~Ovram Mendula II,

Research Paragons of Chronology



   Timezone: Eastern Standard and some European. 0

   Shell Restrictions: No restrictions.

   Roster Info: Lacking roegadyn and lalafell characters. Male/female ratio is mostly even, though male characters slightly outnumber female characters.

   OOC Sideshell: No official OOC sideshell. Encourages members to join Intermission if they so choose.

   Endgame: Participates in endgame activities, though it is not a priority. Biggest focus is on IC events and incorporating RP into endgame events can occur.

   Rules Summary:

1. Do not speak, write or communicate any of Order of the Stormguard's vows, rights, rituals, lore, archives, or stronghold locations to anyone who is not a member or in any public venue where you can be overheard. If, for some reason, you leave Stormguard, or are made to leave, a magical ward will be imprinted on you, leaving you physically unable to speak or express through writing anything regarding our Order.

2. You must respect your fellow Guardsmen and all Officers.

3. If you are under age 18 you must inform us on your application. Upon reaching age 18 you will be given access to the more mature content of the Archives.

4. Violence against another member of the Guard is not permitted, except through a supervised and witnessed duel.

5. You must abide by Square Enix's Terms of Service.

6. You must abide by our role-play standards and etiquette: http://orderofthestormguard.enjin.com/joiningthestormguard

7. You must be willing to stay in character on the linkshell whenever possible and respect those who wish to role-play. Do not disturb others role-playing or refuse to be in character on the linkshell at least 75% of the time.

   Application Process: In order to join the linkshell you must complete the following steps:

1. *Join the forums:  http://orderofthestormguard.enjin.com/forum

2. Fill out an online application and become a recruit.

3. Wait until Seraphine Cerius contacts you in game.

4. Roleplay all scenes required for your entrance into the shell.

5. Attend an initiation ceremony where your character will take their oath and receive their linkpearl.

* If you do not submit this application within 24 hours of joining the site or fail the recruitment portion your access to the forums will be lost.









In Character Information:




The Order of Stormguard is made up of the best-trained, most dedicated, most respected Mercenaries and Craftsmen in the world â protecting those who cannot protect themselves.  As a Mercenary you will learn to reach your full potential, discover a new sense of compassion for your fellow Eorzeans, learn a new definition of loyalty and responsibility. A Mercenary in the Order of Stormguard is the embodiment of strength, intelligence and artistry . As a Champion or Mystic of the Guard, you will be prepared to serve whenever and wherever you are needed, combat-ready at all times and trained to counter any threat.  Our Artisans are ever at the ready to provide provisions to our clients and Mercenaries, instructed in the most cutting edge techniques, and help to gather supplies to maintain the Guard.  We have a special division for Rangers that includes hands on training in investigation, tracking, plant and animal handling.  


The Stormguard are also deeply religious, believing in duality and brotherhood, and most especially, the Blessed brother and sister, Byregot and Halone, the Builder and the Fury. Our holiest moons are the first astral moon and the fourth astral moon, and ice and lightning figured prominently in the imagery and lore.  We welcome people of all faiths and even those who choose not to have any religious affiliation.  We do ask respect for those who do wish to worship within the group.


If you decide to stay at the Mercenary rank you will recieve a unique experience unlike any other. Should you opt for more responsibility with higher rewards we do have the option to take your status with the Guard higher.  Ranking up within the Guard is very ritualistic and takes extreme dedication, but the rewards are unparalled, giving you more company benefits, access to our Archive of knowledge, and a new sense of kinship.  Although gaining rank comes with a higher share of the profits, service to Halone and Byregot, the Guard, and Eorzea is the main focus of our operation.  


For more information on joining The Order of Stormguard, please seek out our Highguard Fulminata, Seraphine Cerius.

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