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A Long Awaited Return


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Hihi all my fellow RPers,


Been quite some time, but I am back after almost 2 years of desperate waiting. Dunno if I introduced myself back then or not, but I am reintroducing myself now, and I suppose that's all that matters! Once upon a time...I was a member of AETHER on this site, but seeing as PS3 (which I bought with some overworked immediacy when I learned that this game would be played on it) hasn't come out yet, which cut down our members, and 2.0 isn't up yet, it seems that the group just ain't gonna cut it for now, and is no longer listed here.


However! I caved, and am buying a nice big gaming PC in May. So now I am back...and apparently whether I am raring to go or not, I am flying free as a bird as far as RP groups, which while it seems nice and breezy...is a little depressing...alas, let us give it another go! Let us see where our adventures take us! And for gods' sakes, let us get this forum going again, because I need RP!


Okay, if you're looking for a Mid to Heavy RPer who can do any kind of RP, and fill roles as needed, please look no further!



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Thanks for the warm welcome back guys, I will certainly keep that in mind when I'm all setup nd ready to rumble early next month! I amal def ready to dive in somewhere, but I am gonna feel some groups out for my characters already existing and I hey don't fit, create some new ones from current ideas I guess.


Oskar I do remember you! Good to see you're still around and kicking it seems. Can't wait to take his opportunity to reenter the community and not be constrained by the darn PS3 launch as I was before.

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