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We once had a RP hotspot thread looong ago that is long since outdated and buried. So here's a new one since we have so many people returning as of late! Please post suggestions and information here and I'll update the thread. It'll likely need updated again post-2.0.


The following include major hotspots for RP activity, including headquarters for individual linkshells.


Linkshell Headquarters:


  • [*]Corvus Cinis: Ul'dah, Sapphire Avenue Exchange dead end at (7, 5). HQ open to public when members present.


[*]Everwatch: Gridania, Adder's Nest, second floor. Instance entrance at (4, 4). HQ open to public.[/list:u]





  • [*]Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern (Miner's Guild) -- (6, 6)

[*] Gold Court -- (6, 5)[/list:u]


[tab=30]Limsa Lominsa

  • [*]Anchor Yard -- (4,7 Upper Level)

[*]The Astalicia -- (4, 7 Lower Level) [/list:u]



  • [*]Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre -- (5, 2)

[*]Nophica's Altar -- (3, 1 outside CNJ guild)[/list:u]




Reused Instances:

  • [*]Arrzaneth Ossuary (Thm guild): Used frequently as Mavanix Mansion ruins during numerous RP sessions/events.[/list:u]
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Gridania - Nophica's Altar (Outside the Stillglade Fane, aka CNJ guild)


This spot is not used too often but worth checking if you are looking for RP in Gridania. I'd say most often used for one on one RP, as well as limited group RP such as meditations.



Everwatch HQ - Adder's Nest, second floor.


We RP the second floor as a sort of instance, since there is no LS housing in-game. Our HQ is open to anyone though so any RPers are free to roam in and interact with us. Typically we RP in /say and /em for that reason.

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RP Place: The Gold Court (Ul'Dah)-often used for city events, or even just a place to sit and enjoy the scenery.



Corvus Cinis Headquarters: Dead End, Sapphire Avenue (Near the Gate of Thal, Ul'Dah)- The door to the HQ is usually unlocked when there are people in the HQ, locked when they're not. Always happy to have people stop by to just chat or to contract out a job.

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The lack of Lominsan RP areas on your list is appalling.




Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks :


  • [*](4,7) Anchor Yard : A high outcrop overlooking Galadion Bay and the Astalicia, with an excellent view of Pharos Polaris. Often used as a gathering point before teleporting out into the field.


[*](6,3) The Bismarck : The most famous restaurant in all of Eoreza. Excellent views, excellent menu, excellent service. Don't forget to tip your waiter!


[*](7,2 & 7,3) The Northern Islands : The northern area mirrors the layout of the area before the Southern Islands (Markets, Maelstrom Command) so would make a good HQ. The tower just north of the Seventh Sage also boasts balconies that have been used as private apartments in the past (The eastern one has fantastic views of La Noscea)[/list:u]


Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks :


  • [*](4, 7) The Astalicia : Former Headquarters of the Sanctus Refero, multiple decks and chambers for various RP scenes. Voted Best Bar in Eoreza.


[*](4,5) Mealvaan's Gate, Lower Level : Archanist's Guild and Customs House. Has been used as a research facility for questionable artifacts as well as a triage center for medical emergencies. (Conjurers too far? Not rich enough for the Ossuary? Then it's time for SCIENCE! Side effects may occur)


[*](5,7 & 5,4) Docks : Structures jutting over the surface of Galadion Bay. Perfect for fishing or RPing in an uncrowded environment. "Sittn on tha dock o' tha bay..."


[*](6,7 & 6,3 & 6,2) Platforms : Like the docks above, but with larger open space. Suited for meetings, training areas, and headquarters.[/list:u]

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Well, I think the point is to provide a list where the RP is active, or somewhat active. Hence the 'hotspot' in the title. Not a list of places that are suitable for RP, potentially. I am not around Limsa often, but do those places get used regularly?



EDIT: I should also add Hyrstmill as a candidate out of left field. With the hamlet defense starting up, I know for a fact that Everwatch, and several others will be stationed there.

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Hah, well yeah those of us who use Limsa regularly will meet in those areas, depending on the scene and who's doin what.


Just building awareness for those who are looking for RP in Limsa, these are the areas to check.

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