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Tessa's Epic Fun Party!

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[align=center]Upon the Cork board in Corvus Cinis headquarters, and similarly, nailed to a notice board in the Quicksand in Ul'dah, is a beaten up, messy and dirty piece of parchment.[/align]





You are invited!


You and your friends are invited to attend Tessa Jallohâs epic fun party.

Activities will include games, stories, and lots of free food provided by the host, Tessa!


The fun will happen on the twelfth sun of the third astral moon, at the fourth afternoon bell.


We will be continuing throughout the day with fun and excitement, so donât be late!


And bring your friends! All of them! As many as you want!


-Tessa Jalloh


P.S. It will be at the Minerâs guild.


OOC event Information:

[spoil]Tessaâs party will be held at 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT on Saturday 12th of May at the minerâs guild in Ulâdah. The event will be IC, and all are encouraged to attend if they want some light hearted RP.



Time: 9pmGMT/4pmEST


Event helpers to arrive 30 minutes early for setup. If you'd like to assist as a helper for the event, please contact Tessa Jalloh or Alothia Starkwood in advance ingame.


All guests to come dressed as someone else they know.


Event Schedule:


9pm â 9:30pm: Greeting guests, offering party foods and simple social interaction.


9:30 â 10pm: Hide and Seek


Five+ volunteers hide somewhere in the city limits, guests have until 9:50 to try and find everyone.

Gather back at 9:50 to mingle til next event.


10 â 10:30 /random Lottery


Guests all get one roll, then a host will make their roll, the roll that gets closest to the host is the winner, in the event of multiple winners, there will be a tie break roll.


Final winner gets 10,000 gil.


10:30 â 11:00 Costume contest.


Guests stand up front and other guests have to guess who they are dressed as.


11:00 â 12:00 Shot or Dare


A spin on truth or dare in which players must either take a shot of hard liqueur, or carry out a dare administered by another player.


12:00+ Story Telling


Assuming most guests are not passed out after shot or dare, the rest of the evening will be storytelling, this will carry on until all Guests have gone home.[/spoil]

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Thank you everyone who attended the party, it was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed. Special thanks to Xenedra, who managed to make it at the end and shared her beautiful story about Menphina and Oschon with everyone.))

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