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Campfire and Nameday Celebrations

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To All Members of Stormguard and Friends,


You are invited to join us for a Campfire and Nameday Celebration in honor of Aylis Crescent and Shurin Mizune at Aleport on the 26th day of the Third Umbral Moon at the Twentieth Bell. We will be fishing up our own main course for dinner to be cooked by our chefs over the campfire (side dishes, drinks and deserts provided) and enjoying the company of good friends. Make sure to bring your beach wear and something warm in case of rain. All guests are invited, gifts for Aylis and Shurin are welcomed but not required.


Hope to see you there,

~Seraphine Cerius, Highguard Fulminata


((OOC Information:))

[spoil]Where: Aleport

When: Saturday, May 26th at 8pm EST, 6pm MST

What to Bring: Friends, beach wear, and gifts for the birthday boy and girl if desired.

Questions: Direct all questions to Seraphine Cerius via PM or /tell.[/spoil]

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