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Hello there! I once registered on this site...but unfortunately, that was back when the game had practically just been released. I can't recall my username or email for the life of me. I apologize to the admins for this!


I probably should have used the name I use on most sites anymore, "Liddell," but I had a bit of a brain fade and registered with a character name instead (Are we able to apply for a display name change?). So, you can call me Liddell, Ven, or Venalis. Whatever suits your fancy!


Aherm. Anyway! Enough of my nervous rambling.


I am very eager to rejoin the ranks of FFXIV roleplayers on Balmung [and in the future, whatever the new dedicated RP server will be!], but do admit I am beyond shy about approaching anyone. My last RP community was for another MMO [Ragnarok Online], and unfortunately, while it started out fun, majority of our members left on a very sour note with the community. It's left an awkward taste in my mouth for public roleplaying ever since. I hope I can get over this awkwardness so that I can roleplay with all of you in the future.


As for characters...I thoroughly admit that in the past, I'm a bit of an altaholic. I've gotten better, though! Lol. In joining the FFXIV RP community, I'll probably stick to two or three characters, varied by race/gender, etc. So far I have Vitani (Sunseeker Miq'ote; Gridania) on Balmung... I don't know where to start with RPing here at all, though. I have ideas for things that interest me with her role, as well as a future character, Venalis, who will be made when male miq'ote are available. I kind of want Vitani to be a songstress. I have such a weakness for this class in fantasy genres... Because of my aforementioned past RP experience, though, I'm a bit scared to even create anything just yet. Fear of constant judgement. ;n; But my passion for roleplaying prevails! I hope!


Agh. I'm so, so sorry for my rambling! I'm trying my best not to hide away from everyone. ^^;



...so yes. HELLO RPC. :moogle:

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Welcome back, if you're looking for some help in deciding where to go, or if you're just looking for a place to be OOC and ask questions, Intermission is a good start, it's the OOC shell and everyone there can help you with questions and such. If you would like a Pearl, talk to Endricane Feltaro, Oskar Helvig, Alothia Starkwood, Kassandra Dawn, Gustav Lapis, Mtoto Wamoto, Endemerrin Rosethorne.

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Welcome back!


Yes, you can have your name changed so long as it isn't already in use. Kylin should be able to do that for you. Also, chances are your old account here on the RPC was purged. Inactives were removed a few months back as a part of the upgrade to the site. So, that might explain why you couldn't remember it.


Anyways, hope to see you around Eorzea!

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Rad! Well, that works out then!


And, I may take you up on that Edricane! I'm still not sure about either of my characters (especially since I will likely change some things once 2.0 goes up), so something OOC would be awesome right now. I think that was why I ended up falling out of XI, in the end. No friends! ;n; It kind of ended up defeating the purpose of the MM in MMORPG.


Now to just...find one of you, in game. Hahah.

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Hey Venalis, welcome back to the RPC. I know the feeling of forgetting your username/password. I swear I have like...2..3 accounts on here. Sorry Kylin! Don't kill me :(


We're all a friendly bunch on Intermission so don't be shy to say hi. If you ever need any help in-game, feel free to contact me or send me a PM.


Oh! Also, if you're looking for somewhere to start in terms of RP, check the Tonberries Lantern and the Town Square here on the forums. Perhaps you can find a good entry point :)


See you in-game!

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Thanks so much for the warm welcomes!



I admit, I'm slightly hesitant to RP just yet. Until 2.0? I kept hearing that there would be a lot of changes to the lore/story/etc.


[something about a giant moon. I've been out of the FFXIV loop for a while so I have no idea what's going on.]

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