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Letter from the Producer XXIX


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The next letter from Yoshida is up, detailing more of the player poll results (specifically new races, classes, etc). It can be found in full at the below link.




Personally I find it interesting how many people -don't- use the Lodestone. Shows that the forum community there certainly doesn't represent the whole community by a long shot.

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Cuteness...? What is he talking about? He makes it seem like other MMORPGs don't have cute races and the people are starved for them and since this is a Japanese MMO it needs to have cute races just for the sake of being cute. Uh, Tera - the latest 'big' MMO has two races like that. I love FF because of how it looks, its not cartoonish, it's not dumbed down to sensibilities of a child.

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I have to wonder about people: we have a race of cat girls already, why, in God's name, do we need viera as well? They're too damn similar and would be blegh. Go away viera! Go back to XII!


The interracial thing is very disturbing to me. I really wish they'd just introduce lore that explains what happens if the races interbreed (in my mind, the child will take the race of one parent or the other, rather than a weird mixture of the two), rather than introducing Hyurs with tails or something. Really game-breaking, to me. If 2.0 character editor comes out with the option of doing something like that, I just.. I don't know. :frustrated:

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The inter-racial thing is not too much of a bother for me.. even though it's not possible to play them, and most of the population in general is of similar race, my mind wouldn't explode if we saw more inter-racial folks, I'd just assume that a small minority of them were always present. A greater variety of clans would be cool too, which I think is the easiest for them to implement from programming standpoint. Either way, expand on what little you have instead of introducing something completely out of no where...

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I agree about the viera thing. I'm not overly opposed to them or anything and greatly like the race overall. But it kinda belongs in Ivalice and I think it'll just feel out of place in Hydaelyn. Plus, we already have a "mammalian" race with the miqo'te that's pretty darn similar as is. Personally, I voted for a reptilian type of race just for the diversity it would offer. Maybe it's just a RPer thing though. Whatever new race comes first though, I'll just deal with it.

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