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In-character Grand Company Linkshells


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Now, I remember awhile back this had actually been attempted, but it was at a time when the game's population was still in a nose dive and things died out really quickly because of both the lack of Grand Company related content and actual players. Not to mention the concept alone doesn't really give them a strong footing for survival, being a secondary linkpearl - but I like to think they might work out as our community continues to grow bigger and bigger as 2.0 draws near.


Obviously it wouldn't be for everyone, or for those who would find it a waste of a linkshell slot - but I think it would be neat to have an IC pearl for each of the three Grand Companies. I'm positive the Grand Companies would have linkpearls in use. Bottom line, the pearls would have no "leadership" (though I suppose a player's ranking within their respective company might warrant sir's and/or ma'ams :P), and they could exist solely as a means for roleplayers to RP out their grand company affiliation with other members that they might not normally RP with under such circumstances. Might be a fun way to find other roleplayers from your company to do Caravans with, or to do dungeons / hunt down NMs for seals, or crafting and gathering supplies and provisions, all while in-character.


Just thought I'd throw the idea out on the table. The more opportunities for various types of roleplay, the better, right?

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There's already one out there for the Flames.. and what with [spoilerSSSS] the new developments I don't really see a reason for separate pearls due to us being able to actively do other companies' caravans and whatnot now. :3

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True dat but it's another IC avenue to find new RPers, and it'd make sense for the GCs to have 'general' pearls for use. It /would/ be cool to do some things as a GC once in a while even though it /can/ do it with others. It would also allow some RP events to be held that are in your particular GC's wheelhouse. "A magitek machine sighted in the Twelveswood south of Humblehearth, all available ranks of (so and so) and higher, gather at once!" - fun stuff. Unless it's abused I don't really see why not, and I specially like it being an /IC/ pearl, thus you don't have to mix OOC/IC to meet people, it's just straight up IC!

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I actually like that idea a lot more, and I hadn't thought about that possibility. Having three individual shells would drive us apart, where as having a unified pearl under the guise of the Eorzean Alliance would satisfy both aspects of the Grand Companies - that being the individual companies themselves and the alliance as a whole. If some one wanted to do something with the flames only, they could just make a request for members of the Flames. Vice-versa for Eorzean Alliance related content.


I figure ground rules would be simple.


1. The pearl is to remain in-character. OOC can be done privately if need be.

2. Have appropriate behavior. Kind of a given, general rule that most linkshells have.

3. No spoilers in linkpearl chat. Seeing as it pertains to the companies, which in turn deal with the main story arc we have in-game, if you need to recruit for a GC mission or something, you can just be brief and give further details OOCly to those interested.

4. Respect the chain of command. It is a military organization, and keeping in line with that, I don't think privates would be trash talking the officers and the like. Suppose this "rule" would be subject to interpretation.


If anyone wants to refine those or remove/add to them, go ahead. In the mean time, I've snagged us "The Eorzean Alliance" tag so no one else can randomly grab it.

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I'll refer you to this thread and the letter within, calling the Eorzean Alliance by the name before it was in the lore :P


Kinda had the idea to unite the shells, we all did, back at the LS leader meet up, but it got no traction. I am of the mind that such things need to rise from bottom up, instead of top to bottom... and the unification of actual shells seems kind of more rewarding than uniting based on GC... BUT the idea is /basically/ the same underneath. Good luck with it.

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