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Lysander, Sunny Dove, and I have been talking about the podcast recently. We are hoping to produce an episode very soon BUT we still don't have a name. Our 'default' name for now is RPCV - The Voice of FFXIV Role-Playing Coalition. Let us know if you have other ideas for a name!


Here are some things we've talked about including in the podcast:


Recording time: Wednesdays at 5pm EST, Running time is approx. 1 hour

-General FFXIV News/Updates (and how they affect RP)

-Brief Newspaper coverage

-Guild RP - what's happening in our guilds

-Interesting storylines

-Answering/Commenting on listener input (from email/forums)

-Skype Calls (Call us w/ a topic you want us to talk about)

-Role-Playing woes (What works and what doesn't)

-"RL" and FFXIV

-Music (1-2 songs per podcast)

-Event advertisement

and of course other shenanigans!


What do you think? Should we add/remove something?

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Mason, Sunny and I have also talked about a good deal many other things, and I would like to just probe the community for a few suggestions. We'd talked about what would be better, to call each other our character names, or to refer to each other by our real names. Now we've talked about both of these in depth, but I was just wondering what might be your guy's take on what you prefer and why.

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I think it tends to be better by character names or forum names or whatever, some people may not be comfortable using their realy names over the net which is understandable.


Also it makes it easier to keep track of on the forums instead of having to remember two names for everyone :P

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To give you guys an update, we recorded the first episode of the RPCV podcast yesterday. I'll be editing and reviewing it to possibly publish it after work this evening. I hope you guys look forward to hearing it. I know we had fun doing it :approve:.


Oh, and we are all three using lower end recording equipment so obviously our sound quality is going to be less than crystal clear. It is likely that we'll greatly improve this with new equipment by episode 2 or 3. I know Mason/Andrey and I both have high quality mics in the mail now (or will have them mailed soon).


One last thing, we pretty well used our real life names throughout the podcast. I think I referred to Andrey's future character, Mason, intentionally a few times because I was indeed talking about his character. I think the three of us are still in agreement that we would like to primarily use our real life names to avoid affecting the views of our future character's in-game personalities.


Just to clarify:

Sunny Dove (Me) - Jordan

Lysander - Jared

Mason - Andrey


Make sure to email [email protected] questions, discussion topics, or whatever else you can come up with!

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