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Poor assassins, thieves and spies looking for work within Eorzea

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*Alone, finally. You begin to unload your person, a coinhere, a folded note there, this random ston-- You stop, setting the stone down and picking up this unexplained folded paper. Where did it come from? Unfolding it reveals a rather cryptic message:


- Heard you were looking for a certain type of person with acertain set of skills... Ones that could easily lead to that which you seek, be it the information needed, or the skills to actually finish the job and complete your goal. I know of a few, shall we say, talented individuals who could help you. Go to the Lavender Beds and seek out a tavern called the Wanderer's Lantern. Sit in the far right stool against the wall and greet the waiting tonberry. Upon acknowledgement from the barkeep, order a Gold Dragon and a Stampede Sandwich. Someone will be with you shortly thereafter along with a delicious meal.-


Folding the paper, you secure it within the various otherarticles you've collected. This... This one sheet of paper could be the means to the end you've been looking for.*




OOC Information:


We're a group of thieves, spies and assassins looking forwork within the RP community. Various specialties lie within each member so an assortment of jobs can be completed by those we house. If you're looking to hire, look no farther! Please PM me here, send a /tell to Ereshkigal Atropos, Brannie Brynhildr, Hitan Asashin or Kaiya Asashin or follow the instructions above!


(Wanderer's Lantern Tavern and Inn is located in the Lavender Beds, Ward 1, Plot 38. There is usually someone there but if you walk in and don't see anyone, feel free to send a tell and we'll see what we can do. :) )



PLEASE NOTE: The target must know of the situation OOCly. Wedo not want there to be a situation in which a target's character gets roughed up, assassinated, or have personal information found out and spread to others and have massive issues.  If that happensthe RP is null and void, multiple actions of such will result in discontinuing contact and contracts with said groups.

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