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Headstrong Roe looking for Mentors, Teachers, or Trainers.

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With a frustrated roar the doors slam open, breaking the piece of lumber barring them, and slamming into the stone walls with a loud boom.


“Doesn’t anyone ever answer the TWELVESDAMMNED DOOR AROUND HERE?”


Her chest heaving, the darkskinned hellguard scans the room, finding it suspiciously empty, midday as it was. She takes a deep breath and continues, trying to inject calm into her voice.


“Sirs…? I’m here to meet with one of the priests? The Sacrarium should have notified you...”


The room was silent, aside from the echo of her voice.


“Hells…” She rubs the back of her neck, “Did I knock too hard again?” A flash catches her eye, a tiny shoe vanishing under a sturdy desk. She rushes over, “Wait! Please just… for a moment?” The Roegadyn grasps under the desk, her fingers pummeled by a pair of tiny feet.


“L-leave us alone! You demon! Voidsent!”


Pillar winces and pulls out her hand, sucking on a tiny cut, “I just want to learn.” She begs, “The Sacrarium said that you could help.”


“Oh, they told us of you!” The voice squeaks under the desk, “Tomes destroyed, acolytes injured, artifacts damaged! Now begone! We don’t want your kind either. Perhaps the Coliseum will take you, not us!”


She frowns at the unpleasant memories, “T-that was an accident, One of the others… I, he said some rather rude things….”


“OUT!” Another voice yells from the darkness.


“Yes Out!”








The Roegadyn endures this in silence for a moment, before finally standing in anger, “YOU LITTLE SHITSTAINS.” Her foot drives into the desk, splintering the wood as the Lalafell underneath screams, “JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU.”


Her roar is interrupted as a group of thaumaturges emerge from the darkness chanting.

“OH? SO YOU WANT SOME TOO?” She lowers her fists and charges before a wave of air and water slam into her, sending her flying through the door. She lands in the fountain outside with a splash. Before she can rise, another mage waves his staff, and she slumps into the fountain, fast asleep.


“I do so hate barbarians.” One lalafell mutters, before the doors close behind him, flashing briefly with the activation of a magical seal.





My rather angry and bitter Roe 'Throbbing Pillar' (Don't ask) is looking for Mentors, trainers, teachers, etc.


She is trying to pick up a trade aside from fighting, hopefully one that helps or heals people, but she's having a rather rough time of it. I'm hoping for this to be a long term thing! Let me know if you're interested.

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My character Teetering Owl is a slightly batty old Sea Wolf Arcanist who is always willing to teach others how to be bitter old souls devoid of innocence like her better themselves! She's played as something of a hedgewitch, capable of healing through weird magic and questionable potions. 

I'm always interested in having someone else Owl can heckle for their own good or no reason at all

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If Sharlayan astronamacy catches her eye she could always cross paths with my shy lil miqo Astrologian.  He's got a kind heart and is trying to spread his craft.  If he saw that she were truly frustrated and simply wanted to learn, he'd relent and teach her regardless of size and temperament.


Feel free to contact me in-game or over messages here.  Hope you're interested, they'd make for quite an interesting dynamic.

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Lost River is always looking for disciples to teach in the way of thaumaturgy. Although being a full Black Mage herself, she'll have to teach, have people go through the ropes, and many other weirdly fun things. Like trying not to explode yourself. Joy!


If Pillar ever wants a mentor in that field, just seek her out or maybe Lost will find her.

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