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What the Sea Swallows, it can spit back up again

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Time:     4pm Central

Event:    Free-form Introductory RP Event

Where:  The Astalicia, Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.



Synopsis:  After a successful privateering mission, the Stoic Merlwyb returns to Limsa Lominsa with loot and a rescued prisoner.  However, this prisoner doesn't seem to be in good health, and is causing a significant aetheric disturbance.  Can you save him before he succumbs to severe aether sickness?




"Mael..........and.  .........read me?"



The Maelstrom duty officer winced as the static filled transmission blared through the linkpearl on his ear.



"......strom command!  .......an ......ical ......ergency........res........please?!  This is.........Sto.....wyb "



The duty officer tried to respond.  "This is Maelstrom Command.  We can barely read you.  Please state your emergency."


The only response the duty officer received was more static.  He turned and looked towards the arcanist who shared the Duty Bridge with her.  "Is there anything we can do to clear this static up."


The arcanist was already flipping through the book.  "Aye, lass.  With the right attunement, I can use the aetheryte network to boost the linkshell's aetheric gain and transmission."  With a gesture, he started channeling aether towards the linkpearl.  "Try it now, I wont' be able to hold it for very long before I'll burn out."


The duty officer nodded, and quickly got to work.  "This is Maelstrom Command.  Please repeat your last message."


A somewhat incredulous voice came through, no longer static filled.  "This is the captain of the Stoic Merlwyb.  We have a medical emergency.  We will be arriving in port in about four bells after high noon.  We rescued a prisoner from a imperial galleon we raided, but he's in poor condition.  He also seems to be causing some sort of aetheric disturbance; our linkpearls are nearly useless, and he's going through the worst case of aether sickness I've seen.  He needs a doctor, and probably an arcanist when we arrive in port."


"We copy that, Stoic Merlwyb.  We'll have someone standing by when you dock.  Maelstrom Command out." The duty officer replied, finishing jotting down the notes.  


The arcanist let out a sigh of relief, and let the aetheric tether drop.  He wiped off the beads of sweat from his forehead.


"Can you be there?" the duty officer asked the arcanist.


"Nay, lass, I'm out on patrol.  I'll pass the world along though, we'll get someone out there."  The arcanist replied.

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