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Hi everyone!

I play Lead Rose on Balmung. I was looking up Hellsguard lore and LS when I came across this forum and thought 'why not?'

Just gonna use the template, if that's okay?


This is my first MMORPG and have been at it for about two months now. Having heaps of fun, though dungeons make me a nervous wreck "orz 

I did a lot of forum RPing back in high school, and I am constantly making OCs and stories in my spare time. My friends are slowly introducing me to tabletop games, etc, but online is definitely my comfort zone ^^; 


Rose is 17 year old expat from Abalathia's Spine. She's currently training in the marauder's guild in Limsa, and she sometimes goes to Ul'dah as she has extended family there. She looks intimidating (especially since she never goes anywhere without her axe), but she's a peach really! She's quite shy to come right up and talk to people, though she's desperate for friends (counter productive, I know). So she's more than happy for others to make the first move. 


Urm, I would probably be a medium RPer. I want to see Rose grow, and help others along with their stories too!


Irl I'm a part-time Uni student, from New Zealand, and I draw/sleep in my spare time. Atm, I'm online most days 9-12pm NZT (5-8am EDT) and sometimes 4-6pm NZT on sun, mon, and tues (12-2am EDT).

I think that's about it. I hope to catch you all here and in-game!

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Hello there! I'm not sure how many others we've got operating in your time zone, but the RPC and Balmung both see a pretty healthy spread of location and play hours.


If you ever get the chance to scope out the Grindstone, Rose sounds like the sort who'd get some enjoyment out of both competing (might not work with your timing, since it starts at 10PM EST) and spectating!

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I know how you feel about dungeons making you nervous, they do with me as well! Let me know if you'd ever like a healer/dps for company, I'd be happy to come along and we'll be nervous wrecks together. :P


Love Lead Rose's name! Look forward to finding out more about her.

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