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Winters Knight

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--MMORPG background

--RP experience

--Character ideas/info

--How did you learn about the coalition?

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)




Well that was fun, rebels unite anyone? Lets see, is there anything to truly worth noting about me? Nope, I got nothing. On to the important stuff!


I'm relatively new to the whole FF lore. I say only relatively because I did play a few of the games as a kid, though I haven't the slight clue which ones - minus FFVII - and who wants to spark the flames of that war in their introduction? I've been reading everything under the sun that I can find on FFXIV though, and finally got a character concept all squared off that I believe doesn't fall along the lines of a "Second oldest son of Bahamut who has been re-incarnated as a man with horns" insanity when it comes to the whole lore-bend/break debate.


Not sure what else I have to say. Obviously you can call me Armel... um... *fingersnap* oh yeah! Currently I have an application going to see about joining Aeon, so while I'm not really up for FC suggestions at the time - the power of positive thinking and all! - I'm open to ideas for linkshells to fill up the eight blank spots that remind me of how painfully new to Balmung I am, coming from Siren.


In case you'll need to know the man behind the mask before making those calls, without further adieu *drumroll* I present what I am affectionately referring to as my 'blurb' of Armel.




Armel, unlike many, is an Ishgardian of no noble blood. His family line of Winterson - easily distinguished by their greyed hair and piercing blue eyes, which they claim are signs that they are blessed by Halone with her wisdom and prowess - are however, amongst the most devout followers of the guardian deity to their citystate. It is a claim that can hardly be refuted, for from their lineage have sprung some of the greatest Dragoons to have ever served. Those born on the 1st Month - the month devoted to Halone - and the 5th Day - the day devoted to Halone - are said to be as one of three blessed Spears of Halone amongst their kin.


Armel, the fourth Winterson to have been born upon this day, was expected to be as those before him - a precocious prodigy. However, the fates have not been so kind, and he has thus far proven to be little more than a let-down when compared to the lofty expectation that rests upon him. Afraid of his own short-comings, he has taken little more than his spear and armor, and left Ishgard, swearing an oath to himself and Halone that he would never return until he was ready to write his own name into the annals.

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