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Thimble on the Edge of the World (Open)


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The winds were bitter and the snow did nothing to improve the mood. Melodia stood just past the Gates of Judgment and eyed that bridge that stretched across to Ishgard and wondered how she'd even gotten to this point. Her thick coat was long and pulled tightly around her while the hood she'd pulled up guarded her ears. She'd used a thick cloth facemask to cover her nose and mouth and she looked back at her guide, a young Elezen man by the name of Aurrant.


"Are you certain they can't come to me?" She asked in a muffled shout over the winds. Aurrant shook his head.


"I'm afraid not milady. You'll find they are a bit...eccentric. They aren't keen on wandering south."


Melodia scowled behind her coverings and she looked back across the bridge...




Two Days Before....

A sharp knock on the door and Melodia stirred from a light slumber. She had no idea what hour it was, only noting the small fire in the fireplace and the half empty bottle of wine on the table. She was still dressed and again the rapping came.




"Hmm....h-hold on a second." She stood and got her bearings, making sure she knew where her axe was in her room before she stumbled to the door. The tumblers opened and she saw a handsome young Elezen man standing on her doorstep. "Yes?"


The man coughed a bit and smiled, obviously embarrassed by the expression on his face when he finally spoke. His voice was pleasant and he bowed. "Good evening....my name is Aurrant Mieteois...and you are Melodia D'janz? At least I hope so." She eyed him and her fogginess was clearing rapidly. She couldn't help but be on edge. "Who are you? And I don't mean your name..."  She asked plainly, with just a hint of tension behind her words.


A soft smile to the man's lips and he nodded. "I understand the trepidation...especially at this hour. However, I mean no harm. I am an emissary for a couple that reside in the north, in Ishgard. And they have sent me a very long way for you."


Melodia looked puzzled and her eyes narrowed despite the slight hangover she felt.


"You...are a therapist? They got wind of you from a flyer that managed to find its way north." He looked perplexed...concern lining his face in the silence that followed. "Aye....I am. I'm sorry for the caution but -" She began and he looked relieved, cutting her off. "Think nothing of it...I do understand." He looked down and then back at the red-headed Miqo'te with a sense of urgency in his eyes.


"Well, look....have them come by in the morning...it's far too late for me to even consider meeting with them." She said politely but he shook his head. "I'm afraid....we will need to go to them. To Ishgard."


Melodia looked taken aback. "I d-don't think that counts a simple house call..." She wasn't sure what to say when he held out a small but notably heavy bag of coins. ""Half up front. Half when you meet with them. Please....it's rather urgent." He looked desperate and she eyed the bag of coin. Business had been dreadfully slow and she needed the money. She let out a sigh and nodded. "You'll accompany me there I assume? And the second half when I meet with them?" She asked. He nodded.


"Expect no miracles...often I need to meet with folks many times to resolves their issues. And I don't plan to relocate to Ishgard, so I won't have a lot of time." Another soft sigh and she nodded. "Tomorrow....first thing...meet me outside...and we'll depart." She'd said, getting ready to close the door and pausing. "Will I need something warm? I've only heard rumors...." Aurrant smiled and nodded as she stepped back. "Tomorrow morning then, Madame. And yes....warmer clothing is preferred."





She took a deep breath which bit at her lungs and she gestured for Aurrant to lead the way. "After you." The man nodded acknowledgement and passed by her, after which she followed, pulling her coat tighter. Her mind thought as they moved, "This is not what I expected when I got my memories back...."

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The journey across the bridge had been what Melodia had expected. Cold. Windy. And it felt longer than she'd expected. Aurrant had been chatty as usual thus far on the trip and she'd at one point scowled and told him to be quiet for a bit to let her think, though in reality she'd simply needed to think about the cold.


As they entered the city proper she looked around and pulled down her face cover enough to mouth the word, "Wow." Melodia gazed for a moment at Aurrant and she said, "Hold on a second....let me have a moment. This is a new place for me. I'd like a moment to take it all in, you know?" Of all of the therapy sessions she'd done, her room seemed like a gutter to what she was seeing. She imagined the people who'd sent this young man and imagined wealth, especially considering the coin they'd offered. The hustle and bustle of the city took her a bit by surprise and she looked at her guide with curiosity. "Aren't they cold?"


Aurrant looked at Melodia with a smirk and he shook his head. "They may be....but they're also used to it Madame.  She held up a hand and shook her head. "No more 'Madame' please...just call me Mel." His glance around as if he'd be caught by someone for daring to so nearly made her laugh even as she shivered. "Y-Yes...Mel." He turned and pointed across the north side way. "We're headed there. Not long now."


She kept imagining some noble household like she'd heard among his many tails on the journey. "How are they? I mean....in terms of lifestyle?" She asked curiously, her old pirate mind rearing it's head, but the words that came next made her wonder.


"They are....eccentric. The less polite tend to frown on them for their....desire for privacy." Aurrant chuckled nervously as her beckoned them onward and she suddenly had the thought that maybe she'd made a big mistake.

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Melodia - Age 11


Taurin, the elder Miqo'te watched his newest apprentice, the blue haired Mqio'te girl, Melodia, playing with a small crab on the beach nearby She'd been tasked to him and he to her by the Captain and so he watched over her like a hawk while she did what children do. "Mind the wildlife, child. Lest you are looking to get bit." He said this in a gruff but instructive tone while he eased toward her and crouched, looking her in the eyes. "Besides...I'm not sure the Captain wants your hands injured by the likes of a crab if you're to be a proper thief." He chuckled and she grinned back at him. 


Her expression grew a bit more serious and her heavily accented words flowed as she were older than her actual age. "Why d' old folks no' trus' anythin'?" He considered her question for a moment and sighed. "Us 'old folks' as you put it, have experience with things...with people. Trust is diminished over time. Almost like a mathematical formula." He smirked, but the expression was warm in nature, fatherly to a point. "In other words, little one, we can't help it. And one day when you're older you'll understand. Trust is hard earned...and not something easily given."


She noded, still unsure by her expression and she tilted her head, meaning to ask a question as a follow up only to suddenly yelp a the crab's claw had pinched her careless finger. As she began to well up and cry, Taurin shook his head. "No crying, child....I warned you." He gently took the claw and pried it open, shooing the little creature away. She took her finger in hand and inspected it before grunting. "You'll be fine....nothing permanent. Now run along.....get your play out of your system before we begin our actual lesson for the day." She wiped her tears away and nodded before running down the beach toward another section water. He smiled to himself and shook his head as he followed.




Present Day


The doors were thick wood that she'd not seen before and as Aurrant knocked, awaiting them to open, he smiled back at Melodia. "We'll be inside soon, madame. Pardon if the owners don't greet us right away. They will be along shortly." The door opened and a young lady, a servant of some type, smiled. "Aurrant! You made it back safe." Her eyes flashed to Melodia and she bowed. "And you must be Ms. D'janz, the counselor?" Melodia nodded and bowed back to the woman, nervous and blushing a bit at this welcome. The woman beckoned them inside and she spoke as she closed the door behind them. "My name is Astrine. I'm the help around here...keep the place clean for the owners."


Melodia looked around the modest but well off enough interior of the home entrance and nodded. "Aye....pleasure to meet you. This...this is a fine home, indeed." Her eyes looked to Aurrant and she lowered her face cover, taking a breath. "Now...where are the clients?" She asked with a nervous smile.

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