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Rhiannon of the Bleeding Heart

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As she sits quietly in front of you, you notice several things about her outward appearance. Her auburn hair is peppered with soft gray, her slender frame draped in an ill fitting vest and a scarf tied neatly around her shoulders with leather bags and pouches hanging from her hips giving off the scents of varied herbs. It is her smile, however, that commands the most attention. Faint lines carved into the corners of her mouth suggest a life of happiness and fulfillment. 


She sips her tea carefully, watching you with piercing blue eyes, and recounts to you the story of the Calamity, which you already know too well, and how many were left orphaned in the wake of that fateful night. 


She tells you about each and every one of the children that she cared for in those first few summers, about the days spent watching over them as they played happily, unable to recall their devastated lives in those moments of bliss. She tells you of the nights spent at each of their bedsides as they awoke from terrible nightmares and how she soothed their hearts and minds that they might rest once more. 


She goes on to tell how it was not only the children who needed a mother in those trying times, and how she cared for many adults in need of nurturing.


She sets her teacup down on the table and smiles up at you. You feel a warmth inside of you that you haven't felt in such a long time, and without a word from her, you feel compelled to recount your own tale of tragedy, and even those of triumph. 


To this she asks you, "Are you happy, dear? For that, above all else, is most important."




((Hi, Balmung! Long time lurker here finally ready to get to know you lovely folks! My character is a pretty simple one. She's a healer of hearts and minds. A middle-late aged woman from the Shroud whose only goal in life is to care for those who need someone to care for them. Open to lots of RP! And friends! <3 Rhiannon Linwood is her name and I can't wait to hear from you!))

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L'rinhi peers at the woman for a long time; her ear twitching nervously at the sudden questioning of the personal question. Her eyes glance slyly to her right, watching, waiting. Her eyes glance slyly to her left to further assure herself that they were indeed alone. A slow, steady breath filled Rini's lungs as her eyes settled on the woman and she leant forward whisper quietly, "....Do you have any cookies?"


Hi! I wouldn't mind bumping into your character sometime. Feel free to add me in game or send me a message here. : ) Happy hunting!

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