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Saint's Network [criminal LS]


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A man is no narrow thing. His actions echo the sawing and pitching of his heart, and even a criminal is born with a heart. Under the fog of war and the promises hidden in gilt smiles – the passing of coin from hand-to-hand – a culture has endured in the canals and alleyways and dirt of the world. The Saint’s Network is a brotherhood of thieves and braggarts and brigands, of pirates, prostitutes, and privateers. All that binds them is a loose and eclectic creed, a collection of superstitions and saints and the belief that the goodness in man and in the hearts of man is their own responsibility as is the integrity of their roguish trades. These are the tales of those men and women to whom the world’s salt is their birthright, who laugh and love and lie and lay down their life in the name of style, a good heist, and a warm bed.







[align=justify]What We Are -- The Saint’s Network is not a faction or an organization, it is a culture. Outside of the hierarchies in individual canting crews, a rogue’s rank and status is only as lavish as his reputation. In light of this I felt like a Linkshell was the best course of action as there are no ranks or definable structure (with the exception of the Cassian Gambit), and any rogue who has learned of the saints and wish to follow in their image are more than welcome to. Upon admittance into this loose society, many have a “ring” branded around their pinkie finger to express that they are “in the know” to fellow members. It is, as the name suggests, a networking tool for the lowlifes of society.


What We’re About -- We’re about running meaningful plots and interactions when ideas strike. We will never promise obligatory weekly events or even bi-weekly events because we don’t believe that that is the formula for quality storytelling.


Who We Want -- We want people who care about characters and storytelling and have a passion for forming connections and writing; we do not want apathy. You are not required to be a “rogue” to be invited to the linkshell, but you need to have an interest in getting involved in “roguish” affairs. After all, even Saint Nikolaj had no illicit trade other than helping those that no one else would.


Being socially balanced is also a plus: we want nice people who understand that the person on the other side is indeed a person, and not a vessel housing ideas that are contrary to your own or a tool to get what you want. We do, however, fully support the exchange of (civil) intellectual discourse, but if an offense is taken it should be brought to an officer and they will mediate and handle the situation. If an officer is not available, we respect the abilities of our memberbase to be able to handle things maturely. If a member feels as if it was not handled such, please take screenshots and submit it to your “local authorities.” (that’s us! :3)


Getting Involved -- If you think that the above is you (and it probably is, don’t be shy!), then don’t hesitate to get in contact with me![/align]







shiny -- A general term for positive sentiment. The word “shiny” is versatile and can be used as a standalone expression of approval (ex. “shiny” after hearing a well laid-out and fortuitous plan for shaking down an establishment full of riches) or as a means to enhance other words (ex. “that one’s a shiny boy” would imply positive characteristics of the boy - charming, handsome, clever, et cetera).


chapel -- A safehouse. The guild chapels are innumerable in the amounts of forms it can take - speakeasies, derelict buildings, barns, sewers, parlors, et cetera - but to be considered a true safehouse, it is required to have an operating fence with stocked coffers capable of buying reasonable, lifted goods from other members as well as dedications and an altar to a patron saint.


Grand Chapel -- Unlike common chapels, who only hold reverence to a patron saint, a Grand Chapel is one of those five that contain the authentic bones of that heroic figure it pays tribute to. They are guaranteed wealth as each are hotbeds rife with fences and the passing of coin in illicit dealings.


High Kings -- The Gods; also more verbosely “them High Kings of the World.”


dance with the Broken Man -- If a fellow rogue is dancing with the Broken Man it means he’s either being far too reckless or is acting like a downright lunatic. This term is sometimes shortened to “dancing mad.”


feathered -- Named after the feathered adornments found in hats worn by the upper class, a feathered brother/sister (or neuter “rogue”) is a thief that carries him or herself in the bearing of the nobility, usually as a means for swindling.


all four fingers and a bird’s cage -- A phrase meaning a rogue has gone up to polish the queen’s iron; he’s in prison. Historically, the punishment for getting caught while thieving was to lose the pinkie finger of your dominant hand. Hence “all four fingers.”


For more slang, the gang utilizes thieves' cant. Here is a good resource to peruse: link


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