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Roleplaying - Introduction - Meta Game


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Until this day I don't know the actual definite meaning of meta game, I just know how to use it correctly, kind of. 

The main point of this topic? To actually collect data and remove variables.


But the prompt for this topic is something along the lines of - 


Roleplaying Introduction, the make or break of an RP. This goes back to my introduction topic, about First Impressions and how they affect the difference between remaining strangers or blossoming into true friendship. With that said, 


How do you approach a new potential partner?


As we progress into a more advance society in real life, people determine how we live through paperwork and interviews. Let it be for Jobs, Medical Needs, Social Work, or anything at this point. With that said, are we not just merely applying for a role for the interested partner? 


Usually it's nowhere near this extreme, for this is looking at it completely black and white, which is wrong in most sense, but for this sake we'll go along with it, and just blend our own creative colors in. 


But let's put it into perspectives we understand. Say you are your gender, and you wish to RP with another gender of your interest, as you examine them, they have some form of interest in RPing, so that's the Green Light. But as you approach, how would you do so? This brings us to our next question.


The interest and wants of the partner?


XIV as a game has blessed us with a rather handful of Races, and sub clans, with genders too! So we're exposed to quite a lot of variables, but what I'm trying to achieve in this to help eliminate as many variables as we can when we go try to introduce ourselves. And with each race, we usually, but not limited to RPing a personality type usually. A small example;


Lalas are usually very cute. 

Roes are usually very confident and strong.

Miqo'te are usually very Miqo'te.

The list goes on, I'm sure... 


This is where we get a bit more, complicated, and to be frank, be rather frank about it. 


This is where I would ask everyone to contribute their thoughts and ideas, I, myself, have never actually RP'd in XIV, but I'm not a stranger to the RPing scene. So I have quite a lot of trouble contributing to this study. But the study will actually be a long list of things at the ending, that I'll probably submit to my own spreadsheet. 


The main focus of this specific section was, what are you tactics and approach towards your potential RP partner. 


Attention caught, how to keep Interest? 


This is where it's still hard, you have caught your partner's attention, but that was only the first two post at most, now you have to somehow maintain their interest and keep them interested. This tactic is just as important as pulling someone's attention. There are many ways of grabbing someone's interest, but to MAINTAIN their interest is the hardest thing, again, this is where I would need your input towards this. 




The Actual Study 


There will be a basic format, but that's only the beginning more or less, I also care quite a lot about your opinion and tactics, if you're willing to share your technique, I will accept them humbly. 


Your Race:

Gender: (If you feel like sharing)

Preferred RP Partner Race: 


How would you approach them?:


For study sake, how would you approach these races?:










^It would also help if you put in their gender also, thank you. ^




Tl;dr - Pls halp.

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Meta gaming has a couple of accepted definitions and uses. The first one that comes to mind is the negative one: Abusing knowledge that your character doesn't have access to but the player does. This can mean people diving into your wiki page and using details that aren't widely known to try and impose upon you, or will reference a roleplay that they weren't present for yet somehow know all the details to. There's unfortunately a lot of instances of that happening; People will read a thread here and then just start talking about the events as if they had any right to be included in them. This sort of behavior is usually a big turn-off.


The neutral term is when the player will make decisions for the character specifically to benefit the character. This could be as simple as seeing someone on your friend's list in a specific place and then your character just so happens to also show up there. It's a convenient excuse for people to otherwise get together without needing to "justify" it. Telling someone to meet you somewhere and letting them puzzle out what they were doing there is an example; The decision was made OOCly and it's up to the character to come up with an in-character reason. Most people are pretty chill about this method.


Finally, I'd answer your questions but everyone who roleplays with me knows the truth: I don't approach anyone.

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I cannot say that I fully understand the point of this but I enjoy filling out forms about my character so...


Your Race: Miqo'te!!


Gender: Mia Moui is a cis gendered female but is asexual (no ERP ever)


Preferred RP Partner Race: I don't have a preference. I'll RP with just about anyone that has an in-character name and is appropriately dressed for their role/location.  I'm not going to RP with a character wearing only the small clothes with a ridiculous name.


How would you approach them?: This is actually pretty easy because of the backstory.  Mia is looking for her sisters who, like herself, were thrown into bondage.  Mia escaped and has been searching ever since.  So almost all her interactions begin with her asking a player character if they've ever seen Rio, Yui, or Moa.  Obviously, no one has or knows what she's talking about.  But once the ice is broken, conversation might begin.  This isn't always successful.  If someone looks busy or are in a group, I'll send a tell.  If they are by themselves, loitering, they're just asking for someone to come along and ask something.


For study sake, how would you approach these races?:


Midlander: Will sometimes approach. Like many Miqo'te females, Mia tends to fetishize or romanticize male Midlanders.  She sees females as strong, fierce, and capable.


Highlander: Will sometimes approach.


Lala: Will not usually approach, in-character reasons.  Lalafells tend to be portrayed as having questionable ethics. It was probably a Lalafell that ended up being instrumental in Mia and her sisters being thrown into bondage.  Not all Lalafells are problematic of course, and Mia is more likely to approach a female Lalafell than a male.  But Miqo'te are already said to be solitary and skittish, so once bitten, twice shy. 


Roes: Will sometimes approach. Mia is not threatened by their extraordinary size, thinking them too slow to catch her.  She is wrong, but that's how she thinks.


Au'ra: Will not usually approach, in-character reasons.  Au'ra are new and scary and a solitary and skittish Miqo'te might keep their distance.  The males are especially intimidating in appearance and size.


Elezen: Will not usually approach, in-character reasons.  Because she was a Keeper and grew up in Gridania, she has an intense loathing of Elezen.  She can be polite when necessary, but only just.  It doesn't matter if they are male or female.  She presumes that Elezen feel the same way about her.


Miqo'te: Will approach female Keepers eagerly and will begrudgingly approach female Seekers but won't take them very seriously.  Both Keeper & Seeker males are problematic for in-character reasons and because of the lore (at least how I see it).  Running into a Nuhn isn't especially likely because of the diurnal/nocturnal thing. But running into or working with a Keeper male could be awkward for her. 


I don't know if this is what you're looking for or not.

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Finally, I'd answer your questions but everyone who roleplays with me knows the truth: I don't approach anyone.


Hmm, how did you usually get RPs started back when you first started? 




I don't know if this is what you're looking for or not.


Oh no, it helped a lot, thank you for taking your time for answering them!

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