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LF Artist for FC Logo


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I can draw you stick people for free <3


Aww thanks.


What sort of thing were you looking for?


Something relatively simple. I would be like our symbol drawn and colored/shaded to look like it is made of metal with a few rivets on the border to show that it is secured to a wooden backboard/shield; almost like a plaque. No words or anything, just the symbol on the plaque with maybe a metal casting over the wood's frame/boarders. Very similar to our FC symbol, but with a regular wooden background instead of the white and the black; Though I am not opposed to the shape of the background to change/be altered etc.


I couldn't figure out how to save the entire picture with the background so here is a link to the Lodestone.


If anyone is interested in giving it a shot please feel free to PM me. I can even try to scribble the design if my description is too vague.



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