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Bounty Hunter looking for connections.

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Basically rp for me has dried up of late and I'm looking for any Bounty Hunter work, especially based in Ishgard for my ex Garlean character Dominic Iskandi. I'm generally around after 6.30 p.m EST until super late/early since I'm based in Australia. 


I'm currently in a Free Company so I'm not looking for a new one. Always open to joining more linkshells or just meet and greet role play. 


Feel free to send me a message here or in game.

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Sounds good! I may have connections on both the client and target side of things. You can find me in game on:


Berrod Armstrong

Burning Blood

Caden Agron

Barabaen Bhaldfarrsyn

Nasam Himaa

Sifrid Lightwall


I might pop you a PM or message you when I see you in game!

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