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Wandering Knight looking for connections

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I have an estranged Azeyma Knight character who I'm looking to get friends for, he has a traveling companion who I RP with regularly, but we're both looking to be included in some new events of some sort. If anyone is looking for a holier than thou Knight guy who is stern AF and sort of an arrogant ass, (and also has a rude AF Borlaaq companion) PM me.


If you need a character who can fit in the following roles, do tell me!


  • Law Enforcement - Need some lawful good up in a plot? Doric is bound by his Chivalric code to help practically all in need. If you're doing the 'right' thing that is.
  • Thievery victim - Need to steal from someone who is really horrid at concealing their coinpurse? Doric is your guy, this has already happened once so he's on the lookout.
  • Foil - Need a rival to fight? Need a foe to pursue you? Doric is constantly on the lookout for 'criminals' who he seeks to thwart. He's a bit of a zealot though so be careful.
  • Mislead - Have a character who was made to do something awful through the power of persuasion? Doric would love to fight you!
  • Brotherhood - Need another Knight to crusade with? As long as you're not a blackguard, Doric will probably love to help you out.
  • Happen to have a plot with some sort of cosmic terror/insanity/undescribable evil? Do tell me, I'll be all over that shit, Doric has a history with those sort of bads too.
  • Just chatting? - Sure! Doric is sort of a quiet guy but he can get pretty deep when left to converse with some people, it might turn confusing, horrible, and bordering on madness pretty quick though, and if you're of the more roguish variety expect a lot of friction.
  • Mercenary work - Doric doesn't believe in it himself, but his companion will drag him along nonetheless.
  • Tribal friction - Doric travels with a Borlaaq, you know what that means... sexism!


Anyway yeah, there's some bullet points.






Doric also likes Tonberries i too like tonberries

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