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  1. I can't offer you a FC, but my new main is an imperial character. I'm always up for meeting other Garleans! Can find me on Auristela Tullia!
  2. Server: Balmung Noble House Name: Genhu Pledging/Related/Serving to High House: Durendaire Description: An extremely small and young household. For display of virtue, loyalty and strength, Maariya Genhu was rewarded for her services to Ishgard with knighthood. While predominantly only a position of honour, she serves House Durendaire as one of their Knight-Bannerets. Included Races: Miqo'te Members: (PC) Ser Maariya Genhu - Knight-Banneret, Head of the House (NPC) Lireh Genhu - Retainer Footnotes: (Optional) (Maariya Genhu was originally my proud Sultansworn of Ul'dah. After a long time of roleplay, many adventures and stories her plot drove her north and eventually found herself in Ishgard's service. I am always up for making new connections!)
  3. My character, Auristela Tullia is currently around as a Magitek Engineer. I am also EU, so we got the timezone covered! It might be interesting were they to meet someday!
  4. Over a year ago, tracing back her origins was quite relevant to my character's story. My Seeker is not Tribal, so I do not meet your criteria. But she is interested in Seeker culture. It might still be an interesting meet! The character name is; Maariya Genhu. She is so estranged from Miqo'te culture she does not use a tribal prefix in her name however.
  5. Hello fellow EU player! Might give you a poke sometime if I catch you online!
  6. You might like to meet my Miqo'te, Maariya Genhu. While I originally started her in Ul'dah with a fitting concept there, it's my oldest character that has had most development and currently she is more Ishgardian. So there's plenty of opportunity for them to meet!
  7. My Raen is/was Doman. She has lost most of her family at a young age to several causes that come with war. I can't say that she shares a lot in common with your character, but a healthy bit of disagreement has never hurt anyone! So if you ever want to meet my adorable imperial Raen!
  8. My (more or less) new main; Auristela Tullia is a Au Ra Ninja as well. And I am EU! While I am currently not online a lot due to lack of personal RP, you may have a shot at catching me or poking me here in a PM.
  9. This is the first time I hear about this 'stigma'. That being said, I don't know a lot of Near-Eastern roleplayers and don't have one myself. So just go for it. You shouldn't really care what other people may think.
  10. I am always interested in meeting fellow writers!
  11. Welcome! Looking forward to perhaps meeting you sometime!
  12. They never seem to actually respond during the Eternal Bond story or any other scenario safe for the time they were involved in something magical. And that's just a matter of someone cool using a lot of aether. What doesn't exist can't speak! #GarlemaldIsRight
  13. I have a Shinobi character as well. She joined the Empire because Doma is totally lame, buuuuut it could still be an interesting meet!
  14. [align=center][/align] Voices of Garlemald is a small OOC Linkshell on Balmung for anything Garlean. Whether you're a pureblood, annexed citizen or merely someone with a deep passion for Magitek, you're welcome to join! The linkshell was originally created as a temporary measure to connect while getting into contact with existing linkshells proved difficult and time consuming. This situation has not improved since and I've now decided to make Voices of Garlemald public to have a means for imperial/engineer roleplayers to connect. As of now I don't intend to expand this page too much unless this linkshell really kicks off. Chat rules ought to be self-explanatory! Have respect for your fellow players! Contact: Auristela Tullia (UTC+1, EU timezone)
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