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  1. I feel like Miqo'te are pragmatic enough to not care too much, at least as far as the actual child is concerned. It would more be a problem for the offending mother/parent. The harem and Nunh breeding strategies are meant to create -lots- of a children, but also create the strongest children. But the Nunh position is always up for grabs, it would create a lot of strife in a tribe for the children of a replaced Nunh to be seen as lesser than children of a new Nunh. So I could see more consequences falling onto the mother. Also as Tregarde said: There can be a lot of variation in how this story is told and still technically be lore-compliant.
  2. As Mateus is growing at a rapid rate. I was wondering there were any RP communities forming based around tribal Seekers or Xaela. It's a good chance for new beginnings and a fantastic chance to create a cohesive roleplay based around something like a tribe. So I'd love to hear from any Tribal Seekers or Xaela and be a part of their community on Mateus.
  3. G'liri learned to fight by hunting with a spear so she attacks people the same way she would an animal. First she gauges her opponent and comes up with a simple strategy based on their size and agility. Larger and tougher opponents are harried with shallow blows to the legs to tire them out more quickly as she then focuses on dodging, letting her opponents bleed out until they begin to have trouble moving or can no longer bear the growing pain in their legs. After this has happened she goes for a fatal blow to the neck. More agile foes she goes for one decisive strike, likely through the gut where it's easier to pierce.
  4. I'm looking for other tribal seeker miqo'te, I'm really hoping there's a community of us out there. I really enjoy the whole aesthetic and the way their society works. G'liri is currently estranged from her tribe so meeting other seekers with a tribal background works too even if they're no longer an active part of their tribe ICly.
  5. Are there any Seeker tribal guilds? Since OP is one.
  6. Haven't changed my name yet but am about to.
  7. I'll consider that. My character has a tribal letter already "B" but I'm not really committed to it. As for it being "long term" that doesn't necessarily need to be the case since I figure most Nunhs probably could sire around a hundred children in 5 years if their tribe could support it (using the 1male:20female birthrate I've seen floating around). I mostly just wanted to ask around to make the local setting more cohesive. There's nothing to really commit to since ICly a Nunh with children entering adulthood would have been active for at least 20ish years and probably have dozens of daughters.
  8. Not sure if this is the right board. But when I first made my Miqo'te I was ignorant of the lore for naming so I plan on renaming my character. Given the opportunity I thought I should check if there are any Nunh RPers that would have adult-aged children to use as a last name, create a more consistent world for the server. Or any female tribal seekers that wouldn't mind being (half-)sisters by virtue of being sired by the same Nunh.
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