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  1. Hey there! Feel free to give the Outriders a look! We're an adventuring free company that goes on weekly monster hunts, and delve into stories both serious and silly. Feel free to message me, or contact our FC leader, N'aomi Kett, at Friend Amanda Alpha Build#7359 on discord when you get the chance. We also sometimes do events for those who aren't members yet, so feel free to just stop in and check us out! You can also message me on discord at DocBlargle#5485
  2. Hi there! Just joined FF14 and looking to get started rping. My character name is T'rahven Tia. I'll try and get in contact when someone is next online.
  3. Thanks for all the advice, friends! I put up a thread on making connections, and my transfer just went through a few minutes ago. See you all out there!
  4. Hey there everyone. I'm transferring to Balmung tomorrow, and I'd love to come right out of the gate rping. I'm looking for a FC, Linkshell, or just anyone willing to rp with a newer player who doesn't have as much a handle on the lore and can fill me in. I'm generally on anywhere between 4-12 pm EST, but as I'm in college that can occasionally be a bit unpredictable. My main character is going to be a Miqo'te (who will be a) Monk named T'rahven Tia. T'rahven's tribe was destroyed while he was a child, and he doesn't know much about Miqo'te tribal life. Now he is exploring the world, looking for a purpose. He is generally a very cheerful person who just wants to live a full life. I'm still pretty low level, so I'm spending a lot of time leveling and doing the story. Once I have the game well under my belt, I'd love to spend a lot of time rping with all of you.
  5. Oh, why hello there friends. I am Doc Blargle and I'm glad to be here. The MMO bug bit me again recently, and I've decided I want to give this game a try. I've played a lot of WOW and Wildstar before, but I have no idea whats in for me in FFXIV. I'm not too experienced in MMO rping, but I've played plenty of pen and papers. I don't know too much about the world, so I'm factoring that into my character. I'm playing a Mi'qote Seeker whose small isolated clan was betrayed and wiped out while he was young. Not too familiar with Mi'qote tribal life, he wanders the world looking for purpose and adventure. I'm cool with any kind of rping, but i'll probably lean near medium. I'm stuck on Faerie for now, but I'm going to transfer to Balmung when I'm eligible on Wednesday. Once that rolls around, look out for T'ravhen Tia. Looking forward to rping with you guys.
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