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Backstage (Intermission) policy changes


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Due to recent events, the current "leadership" (if you could even call it that) has decided to repeal a certain policy that was put in place awhile back. Under previous leadership, Intermission was placed under a strict language policy that highly prohibited even minor language - all on the behest of one or two choice people (who are going to remain anonymous). We've had to deal with this issue a lot, and it has simply gotten to a point where the rule itself is so insignificant that we've decided to repeal it.


Bottom line, Backstage is made up primarily of adult members. While I appreciate the notion of the pearl being welcoming to everyone, the fact that it is so relentlessly strict on the language issue has caused far more drama than is necessary and has only been a headache. Simply put, there is a language filter in game. For those people who don't like strong language, they can simply turn on the language filter to block it out. This doesn't mean we're going to be allowing people to just go wild, but they will have more freedom than they have previously had. Keep in mind, the game itself is littered with all manner of cussing as well as lewd masturbation and sex jokes. Not to mention the whores in the Mineral Concern.


If it still bothers you, you can politely ask the involved parties if they could tone it down. I can guarantee that if you ask some one politely (not a snarky off the wall comment or a demand. A polite "Could you please tone down your language, it's making me feel uncomfortable" suffices.), they will either give you the courtesy and stop, or be reprimanded by Backstage's moderators if ample proof of their refusal is provided in the form of screenshots.


We're adults here. This whole idea of tattling on people left and right because they said a naughty word doesn't really have any place here, and it's nothing something we want to deal with anymore. So, as of now, Backstage will be relaxing on it's language policy. This doesn't mean everything is going to be suddenly appropriate. Obviously there's still limits. Racial slurs, offensive language directed at people, and insults will not be tolerated. Anything that stirs up drama will be dealt with.


I'm glad to have seen Backstage form into it's own little community within the game, yet still remain open to the community at large. It's about time people are given a bit more freedom to not feel so restricted and watched over every time they speak over the pearl.


While I won't be surprised if we lose a few members over this, we feel this is the right step to take. When it was even brought up in-game earlier today, every person online that spoke up was unanimously in favor of repealing this silly rule. Thanks for reading.

TL;DR - Strict language policy is being relaxed. Still going to be moderated, but we're not going to rip your head off about it.

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