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Striding Wolf Checking In!


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Hello, everyone!  I'm SE ID: CleverBlitz, an RPer for the last 10 or so years and an MMO Tank for nearly as long.  My copy of the game (and its expansion) is on PS4, but I'll interact with anyone, and can use my laptop for communication if my USB keyboard isn't enough.  I like dark, gritty, realistic, light-hearted, intrigue, social, adventure, political, or pretty much any kind of RP, and I am trying to move to Balmung via server transfer from Gilgamesh as soon as it becomes available.


I had this game when it first came out but I did not enjoy it because of how empty it felt in the first two months I played.  Perhaps it was my server, idk.  But I have made Striding Wolf, a Hellsguard Ul'Dahn mercenary with plenty of his own ambitions and preferences.  He is going to be WAR as a primary job until I can get to the DRK initiation quest.  After I hit DRK, I'll be RPing him in-game with whoever contacts me for it!  He will start as a WAR, however, mercenary/private guard-type with an open-ended path.  I like to make characters that have a simple concept, then make them deeper and more complex through my interactions in the RP, so he could end up becoming anything the RP guides his path along.


I'm also a big "consequence" RPer.  This means that no matter what happens, my character will pay for mistakes or overall bad situations he gets into.  I like to be as "believable" in the RP as possible, with the exceptions of mechanics.  He is not plot-protected, but I do require people with agendas that include his capture, mutilation, or death to let me know what they want to do.  If it is not a plot I'm satisfied with, I may make slight suggestions but I will rarely, if ever, outright reject consequence RP if it is well thought-out.


Anyway!  Wall of text over with, I'm happy to be here and look forward to contact.  I'll be looking for contacts to RP with through the medium of Skype or this forum until I can get to Balmung, so feel free to send me PMs if you'd like to get in contact.  I like to try and include anyone who wants to RP in my plots, and try to participate in as much as my character could ICly be involved in, so don't hesitate with PMs and such.  Thanks for reading!

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Thank you!


Welcome!  I wasn't on until late last night, but add Orleans Ignacius.  I can help get you plugged into the Gilgamesh RP scene if you want to play around before or without transferring.


The reason I don't want to get invested in Gilgamesh is the distinct lack of public RP.  I can't seem to find walk-up, and the few FC's I've managed to find seem to think that there is no RP on the server in general, which concerns me.  I also don't want to have someone invest their time into RPing with me on Gilgamesh just to see me go when I transfer to Balmung and feel abandoned or otherwise frustrated, but thank you for the offer!

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