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U'daia Suhr

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Quick Stats



Name: U'daia Suhr

Age: 23

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Status: Unattached

Height: 63.5''

Weight: 115

Occupation: Archer/Blacksmith

Family: U'rahv Tia {brother}, U'vasuh Suhr {Sister}





If ever in your life you needed to rely on someone, U'daia would be that person you called. To those who know her intimately, or those who have crossed her path once, she can be considered one of the 'good guys'. Cheery on the best of days, but hardly feminine, Dai behaves like one of the boys. Those in her circle have long since known never to test her patience over treating her delicately, if only because she's launched an arrow at their rump or challenged them to a drinking match and found themselves passed out under the table. These incidents, however, are few and far between, and most would call the Miqo'te a loyal companion.


That is not to say, however, that this one is a social butterfly. Social more than her fellows, perhaps, but by nature the woman finds herself left unbothered more often than not. U'daia enjoys being left alone for hours to work on new weapons designs or simply smelt in her forge, or tend the garden she's so painstakingly built along the side of her modest little home. Oftentimes she's so focused on the task at hand that it takes a hand in her face to snap out of it. At these times the playfulness melts away, and a seriousness invades her jade gaze that belies the pride she takes in her work. She'd never say that her creations were the best or the most flashy, but the weapons and armor forged by her hand are at least sturdy and reliable. Her focus tends more towards indestructibility than flash, and rarely can she be tempted into stenciling a useless design along the dull edge of a blade. Such things are better left to the loud boasters down the way.


Family, oddly enough, is something incredibly precious to this woman. Of all the people in her tribe that she left behind, two followed along and remained close. One was her twin brother, the other a little sister. U'daia is exceedingly protective over both, and though she may argue and hiss at them from time to time, there is no one she'd be faster at rescuing. Very little instills fear into this rough and tumble young woman more than the thought of losing what precious little family she has, and those that threaten that tight core of people often find themselves on the receiving end of the cat's claws.


Getting down to it, it's important to note that not all of her personality is straightforward and pleasant. The redhead's got a quick temper and even quicker tongue, and when provoked into a rage she has a tendency to destroy anything close by, usually by throwing it at the offender. Grudges are quick to form and slow to go away, and when she doesn't get her way she's prone to pouting over it. Alcohol thrown into this combustible mix is never a good idea, though people tend to do it anyway to see what'll come out. When drunk, she turns into a wildcard that is hard to predict.




Never one to give much thought on it, U'daia allows things around her to happen naturally. Those looking for a quick conquer are sorely disappointed, for it takes a delicate hand and an earnest nature to actually turn her head. She puts more stock in people as a whole than whether or not they'd be good relationship material. Friends are worth their weight in gold.


No friends quite yet.



Random quirks


  • Tends to balk at anything that wiggles or is slimy. Bugs are a big no.
  • Only drinks hard liquor. She doesn't bother with mead or wine at all.
  • Has a tendency to get lost. She'll never admit it though.
  • Likes to climb. Especially when she realizes she has no idea where she is. It's easier to see your destination high up.
  • Carries a bag of glass gems. They're pretty baubles, but useless, and most of them are just glass chunks. There's a story behind them.

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