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Realm Reborn Wins Community Choice Award


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I'm not sure how strong the competition was' date=' I've never even heard of the runner up before. Then again me not hearing of things happens a lot... like Yssen's 1996 League of Extraordinary Gentlemen last night.[/quote']


Last of Us is a title from Naughty Dog, the makers or the original 3 Crash Bandicoots, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted (of which the second holds one of the highest metacritic scores of all time and the most game of the year awards ever received). Basically it's a massive flagship game for the PS3. So FFXIV getting this, especially from Destructoid's community which seems to hate Square-Enix and most JRPG's in general, is no small feat.



As for the news, I'm glad to see all of Square-Enix's efforts and lost profits paying off with some form of respect and still enjoying the hype it's building up to for relaunch. I have high hopes for this and with our new producer and team's history I expect a lot from them. :D

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