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Paragon Arts (commissions open)


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Eyup, I just copy pasted this xD ! I'm reopening my commissions because I need money for stuffs. Samples are gonna be posted after this because idk.


simple / anime is same price btw~

Might be adjusting prices soon. Idk.



  • I refuse to do anything pornographic or just too erotic. No nudity. Sorry, but no. The privates need to be covered. It's just a personal preference, thank you <3
  • I reserve the right to refuse to do a commission or change the price of a commission. If I change the price, it will be usually because the reference is too detailed or something like that. I will definitely tell you beforehand.
  • I will actually do original requests as well as ffxiv requests. Hit me with anything.
  • I reserve the right to show the art I make for you as a sample or post it on DeviantArt/other places.
  • Please post any questions/comments below.

How this Works

  • Alright, all you have to do is fill out the form below and send it to me via private message system ONLY with all the information in it. Do not send mail through in game, please.
  • Be prepared for my questions to you as well as me asking you for more references.
  • Basically, I'll keep sending you links for Work in Progresses (WIP)  to show you how I'm progressing. This is so that if you'd like me to change something or don't like how a certain something is, I can change it for you, and also because I want to keep mistakes out.
  • When I've completed the drawing, I'll send you a small version of it that's watermarked. You send the money, and you'll receive the full picture. Bear in mind, please, that when you receive the picture, PLEASE save it to your computer. Thank you~
    Forum name: Paragon
    ffxiv character name: T'ayofemi Falana
    Type Ordered: Line art
    Total Cost: $5
    Visual Reference: Give me one of in game. Write the name of your face claim here if any.
    Accessories: List any.
    Detailed explanation/image of anything extra to include: Scars / blemishes / Freckles (?) / tattoos / markings / hair type / etc.
    Anything else you deem necessary for me to know:
    Forum name: Paragon
    gw2 account handle: paragon.6543
    Type Ordered: Line art
    Total Cost: $5
    Visual Reference: Give me one of in game. Write the name of your face claim here if any.
    Accessories: List any.
    Detailed explanation/image of anything extra to include: Scars / blemishes / Freckles (?) / tattoos / markings / hair type / etc.
    Anything else you deem necessary for me to know:

    Paypal! Yes, I figured out how to use it. Or rather, Adeia gave me a crash course on how to do it (thank you <3). So I will take payments there. I'll tell all that when the time comes!
    Extra Information
    Anyone wanting full character sheets, the price needs to be negotiated with me.
    Story Scenes and Groups are not offered at this time, and I apologize for that. I'm working on pricing, so I might adjust them from time to time to see what's good. Please bear in mind that if your work is very detailed, I will bump the price up accordingly. I will always let you know before your payment is due so that you can either tell me not to add that detail or what have you.
    If during the WIP stage you request something that I'm having trouble with or are just not liking what is coming out, I won't ask for the money and will just give you how much I've finished. Please also understand that when the commission is finished, and you want some things to change, I will change minor things. If you keep asking for changes on a finished product, I will charge you or I will decline changing it.
    Please also tell me if you want the file to have a transparent background! This is important. If you, for example post your character here in these forums along with the picture, there's usually a white background. But if you tell me, I can make it so you could post the picture anywhere and there wouldn't be a white background at all. Look at the example below (sry it's a little messy, it was just to show you an example).
    See that there is no background on this picture. You could put this anywhere, on any site, which may have a different color or what have you, and then this would still fit nicely.
    If you have any questions, please ask!


A million other samples to look at:






























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