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I'm currently making a template for custom cards to be used in FFXIV's Triple Triad game. Mainly, these cards are cosmetic, but because of the increasing number of ways you can play this game online, custom cards can actually be used. However, I have ran into a bit of a roadblock - I need two images that I cannot replicate on my own. Specifically, the two border types - bronze and silver. I have everything else required.


Now, I know what some people may be thinking: "Hey, tool, if I had those, then I'd be making my own cards. Why would I hand them over just so you can make them?" Well, that's because I'm not trying to just make cards - I'm trying to make a card template that everyone will be able to use. All that the average person would need to provide is a single piece of artwork to use as the background, and the card would be complete. More people making more cards = more cards available to play with for custom online games.


The set will be available to use with the Magic Set Editor version 2.0, since that is the only card editor program that I know if that makes any sort of sense. The rest of the card template is done. I just need those two border images in the highest quality possible.


Once the template is complete, I will release it for all to use, as well as give some instructions for people new to card-making.

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I can see what I can do about a border! I was thinking of cleaning up an image from ingame or seeing if there was a way to dig around in the files for images and textures and stuff.



Do you have a version of MSE2 that fixes the JPEG issue with art? If not, I can give you the download link and installation instructions for the modified version I've been using. I use MSE2 a lot and the way it would add a bunch of JPEG artifacts to all the art, no matter what file format was, absolutely killed me.

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Yes, I have the JPG-fix version. I saw that one or two people have used the silver border for some custom cards before, but they didn't release any resource files and it appears they just removed the previous portrait and then put theirs inside the frame instead.

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Unfortunately it seems like the image files for the card borders and such ingame are only so large, so to make a MSE-sized template for Triple Triad cards, you'd have to redraw the the entire thing from scratch at a larger size.


But if it's any help, I made a Photoshop template for triple triad cards, made a blank golden frame, and grabbed all the numbers, stars, and type symbols. I stuck them in a zip here.


To use the template you need a Photoshop program or something that can handle .psd's with layers, preferably something that lets you sort layers into folders, and layer masks. I use Photoshop CS6 so I'm not sure what kind of compatibility issues there will be. To choose the numbers on the card, the star rarity, and a card type (if any) you simply hide and un-hide the appropriate layers. Everything is placed where it's supposed to be so all you have to do is pick what you want and slap some character art into the appropriately labeled folder. I use a Layer Style to apply the black outline/drop shadow to the character art, but I wasn't sure how to stick that in the .zip so you'll have to do that on your own if you want that finishing touch.



Here's an example.


The fancy silver border isn't included, unfortunately. To make the gold frame I cobbled together the frames of the Bomb and... Cactuar I think... There's not a single file for the frame, but each card's art includes the card frame and the character's picture in one, so I chose a couple cards where the character didn't touch the borders in certain places, erased some parts, glued it together......



my point is though that the cards with the silver borders, the characters inside them are really big, so I'd have to completely erase the insides of a silver bordered card and all the fancy bits in the corners, and then re-apply the inside shadow once it's all clean. It's not as easy as it sounds to make it look as perfect as I'd like it to and it's also almost 6 am so I might do it later

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