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  1. May 11's Spellguard winners are Ehfi Rhinsu and Stampede Ruckus! Congratulations! I hope everyone's been enjoying 4.3!! If enough people are around, Spellguard is set to take place tonight in under an hour!
  2. Congratulations to April 27th's winners, Stampede Ruckus and H'rihn Nhaviri! Spellguard will be back tonight, same time, same place!
  3. Don't forget Spellguard is tonight! Ward 6 of the Mist, Seagaze Markets, 10 PM EST!
  4. I think I might as well give my input while I wait on Spellguard to start... The whole forbidden magic thing that was going on with the Runestone is, completely frankly, the reason why "no illegal magic" is an IC rule at Spellguard. The design of the magitek aether-shield generators each team has was also a direct response to criticisms I was hearing about the Runestone's method of protecting its combatants from harm-- I was trying to find something that had precedents in the lore, and also had IC limitations, and aren't just flawless and powered by how incredibly magical Shoshopu
  5. I hope everyone had a wonderful Good Friday! Spellguard is back tonight, same time, same place!
  6. Reminder that Spellguard is tonight!! See you at the beach!
  7. Four teams squared off tonight, and we had some really interesting matchups! Tonight's winners are... Team A to Z! Congratulations! (I know A is Azrat Lariss but I totally forgot to write Z's name down sorry I'll edit this later. RIP)
  8. Two returning champion teams squared off for tonight's anniversary match! Our winners are... Jebei Dotharl & Sa'ran Kha! Congratulations!
  9. Tonight is the 2nd Anniversary of the Spellguard Tournament! Tonight's winners will receive a special OOC prize in addition to the IC gil prize! Please look forward to it!
  10. I hope you don't mind me saying, this sounds kind of horrible and reminds me of Gaia Online RP back in the day! It makes me kind of nostalgic for forum RP. Sounds like a good learning experience either way though! Depending on the context or setting of the RP that might be some sort of interesting meta, I guess. I'm in the "If you can understand what they meant, then don't bother" camp. I know OP's already decided what they're going to do, but I wanted to add my two cents. Several of my own RP partners (including my own fiance-- I give him shit because he's my fiance and that's wha
  11. Due to technical difficulties with the iCal (kind of bummed about that, I had the entire year manually mapped out on the old calendar T_T oh well!), I'm just bumping as a reminder that Spellguard is this Friday! It's our 2nd anniversary!!
  12. I'll keep an eye on it then and see if it shows up. It's a strange error, though. I wonder if it's affecting any other events, then maybe we could narrow down what's going on there.
  13. What exactly is the "imported" Balmung calendar from? Since Spellguard is biweekly I had to manually schedule each one and I had it up for the entire year of 2018 and now it's nowhere to be found on any of them. I see I can add events to the RPC Community Events Calendar, but how would I go about getting Spellguard onto the Balmung specific calendar? If it's imported from Erah'sae's calendar, Spellguard is still on there but doesn't show up on the RPC. I've not visited the site in a few days so I'm just all kinds of confused lol
  14. Urgh. I'm very sorry I was absent on Friday, everyone. My fiance and I went out of town for the weekend and I had to clean the house before we left. Time flew by and by the time I realized it was past Spellguard time, I was elbow-deep in a malfunctioning, overflowing washing machine. I should've started a lot earlier and paid more attention to the time, and for that I apologize. Spellguard will continue on its regularly scheduled date of March 2nd. It looks like the forum got an update, too. It looks pretty slick, but.. gosh dang, the OP is all jacked up now. I'll have it fixed soo
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