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  1. The last few pages of this simple leather-bound journal have been ripped out, more than that, seared away. A few scant ashes of the pages remain, but naught can be done as to retrieve their contents. Then more writing begins on the next page, penned rather clumsily by someone who probably isn't used to writing right-handed. "Man. I write some really angsty shit in here sometimes, don't I? Overreacting about something happening to my wife, kicking the mule and going on an elongated spirit quest? What the bleeding hells was I thinking there? Anyway! I have a lot of -great-, no, good stuff to write about in you! For one, I closed down my company and managed to get a very pretty lotta gil for it! More than enough for my family to live a nice, long time." The penmanship of the writing gets noticeably better as it goes on, perhaps the writer is getting back into the swing of things. "Interestingly enough, my daughters keep on winning that fancy magic tournament they have out on the day after the grindstone. I'm not impressed so much as confused, seems like barely a few months ago she could cast a ruin, now she's throwing gravity around? Seems odd to learn that quick, but maybe the echo and magic go real well-like together. Ain't none of my business, anywho." "And now for the angsty shit that happened to me recently. I'll keep it short and sweet, and if any of you who knew her find this, I'm sorry. Mareth was lost to her curse and I had to put her to rest. I did not enjoy the act of slaying her, but it had to be done. I gave her a pyre and performed a traditional la noscean funeral for her. And by that, I mean that I went to a cliff-face back home with a couple instruments and started singin' shanties for the evening." "Then, I lost in the grindstone. Uh. That's about all I have for you, book. Today. Do take care, yes? And, cheers." "Forever yours, Videra Svenay. Man, I just wrote that -to- my journal. I'm a dork."
  2. The penmanship in this curious little leather-bound journal appears messy as if the writer was shaken and stirred whilst in the process of putting her thoughts to paper. Some letters veer off far past their starting point, and some retain a semblance of balance and reason. "She's gone. Rosik is gone. My beloved wife is ... gone, I went on to my daily hunt and came back to an empty home. Not another soul to be seen, and she's been gone ever since. What's worse is that the beast has fallen silent since. I attended the grindstone, focused, but nothing came of it. It ... brought me back down some, and gave me time and what I needed to clear my head." A little smudge of what looks like ... grape juice? Whatever it is, it's parting the two passages and providing a very distinct gap betwixt the two. The handwriting in this passage is evidently starting to recover some, but it's still a mess. "I don't know what to do. I feel so lost for the first time in my life, that I can't even bring my rage to bear. I feel so lost that I can't even focus right now, my mind and my body function almost in tandem, and I mourn for my loss knowing there is little I can do to change it. I know I haven't written in this ancient book for ages, but maybe putting my thoughts to paper will bring me some measure of peace. Anything is better than simply laying here in the dark." The passage ends with a little flourish, the 'crossed out' sentence in it more visibly scribbled out than anything. Continuing forward, the highlander owner of this book seemingly doesn't mind that her handwriting has become significantly worse. "I intend to bring my axe and soul crystal up to Abalathia's Spine, well into the mountains such that I can bury my past as A Warrior. I need to put it behind me no matter how long it might take. I surmise that the journey would take several months, but it is one I am willing to take. If only to put this entire life behind me. Find some peace and serenity." "Maybe I'll meet my end on the road, that'd be blissful." "For now I intend to attend the magus invitational tonight, maybe make something of my poor mental state and have a bit of fun." "I should write in you more often. Cheers."
  3. Welcome to the fa- I mean, welcome to Balmung friendo. Nice to see some new faces running around here, like always! As for character ideas, can I possibly tempt you to be really angry all the time? I joke, of course, but if you ever bump into an azure haired highlander who's either really mad, or aloof, feel free to engage!
  4. _uk2NeKBG5A Nothing gets me more pumped up!
  5. Hello there! Welcome to Balmung and the RPC, hopefully you enjoy your stay friendo! If you run into Videra, don't hesitate to say hello! I'll always accept the offer of RP, generally speaking!
  6. Hello! And welcome back to Eorzea, I hope you enjoy your stay! If you ever need somebody to do content with, or want to RP with anyone, just give me a ring! Always looking for new friends!
  7. Highlander farmgirl finds parents murdered, runs away from home, takes up the sword and becomes incredibly edgy along the way. Later discovers the true power of being a social creature.
  8. Videra smells like candles and longing, apparently. It's not entirely wrong, but.... Huh. Not what I was expecting.
  9. Hello, and welcome back to Eorzea! And the game itself, for that matter. And if you ever need help with anything along the lines of lore questions, content, etcetera, you'll probably find the best results here! As for the last question. Eh. Nine out of ten, could be worse, certainly.
  10. Well, I have absolutely nothing to do and discovered that off season Overwatch competitive is awful. How's everyone else here doing? Anything interesting happen this Monday?
  11. Videra trying (and failing) to get her incredibly unimpressed girlfriend to pose with her!
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